July 1, 2017

Wizard101: Skelemystyk's Birthday Party Recap

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great First of July! Today is Canada Day for our Canadian friends, so Happy Canada Day, my friends! Today I could attend one of our favorite YouTubers, Skelemystyks' Birthday Party. I was late to his party, but you know I had screenshots ready for this awesome event.

Today, the event was for wizards with their first names A-J (which I arrived at, but I'm still going tomorrow since I'm a blogger and I want something to blog about). This event was a lot of fun and it was very nice of Skele to have events/contests like this for his Birthday. We're very lucky to have him in the community! I am sad I was a few hours late, but it's better to be late than never! 

Skele had Housing Games and those who won the housing game got to win a game card pack from the Wizard101 Crowns Shop. While I was there, he also had a Costume Contest for everyone in attendance to win an Avalon Outlaw Bundle. Jessica won the costume contest with her amazing Dunerunner's Gear from the Mirage bundle. A few even got to win a game card pack! Everyone was dressed nicely, but many who entered still said congratulations to Jessica!

Both, Olivia Stormcloud (Courtney) and Skele streamed this awesome event today. I was switching between the twitch streams to support both at the same time. Well I already follow them, so that's awesome! If you haven't already, you can give them a follow by clicking on the links below:

Courtney's Twitch

Skele's Twitch

There are two more events that Skele is planning on throwing tomorrow and on Monday. I hope you think about going to them if you're able to. I've included a link to Skele's video where he describes where/when you can meet for those events. You can click on the link below or anywhere on the last image attached to this blog post. Thank you and Happy Birthday, Skele! I'm glad you're in this community and congratulations on 13,000 subscribers on your channel. Thank you, Courtney, as well for everything you do! Happy both of you are here! Remember, we should support everyone in this community for the good things they do. 

Wow, everyone has such awesome gear on! Great people. Thanks again, Skele, for the picture!

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