August 31, 2017

Petnome Pirates Event Recap

Ahoy Pirates!

I know you're shocked that I'm actually publishing a post about Pirate101. I am happy to announce that I'm finally back and hope to make more blog posts throughout the year / next year. Yesterday, I found out Petnome Pirates was having another NXP event on Pirate101 and I knew I wanted to join in on the fun!

I first made my way to this event on my witchdoctor, which had full NXP, gold, and backpack space. There was no way I was going to stay on that character, so I decided to switch to my Musketeer instead. Edward Hawkins brought his Royal Navy Galleon to battle Martin Chambers in the Calabria Skyway. I'll be completely honest.. I think Martin Chambers thought he had a chance of winning! We had to show him many times that the Pirate101 community doesn't back down to battles, even if they continue to appear out of nowhere!

I had a lot of fun and I want to thank Lenora and Chrissy for putting this event on. I love Petnome (both Wizard and Pirate) and support them 100% in everything they do. Thank you for everything you have done and everything you will do for the community. I'm looking forward to attending more of your events. Had a great time interacting with everyone about the games and about Petnome in general. If you all would like to give them a follow or view their website, click on one of the hyperlinks below:



Sailing off into the sunset after leveling 8 nautical levels AND earning 150k gold!

Wizard101 Teases Empyrea!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great Thursday! Today is a great day, especially after reading Leah Ruben's recent Producer's Letter. This letter provided two concept art images of what seems to be, Empyrea. According to Leah, we should expect to see more information about this update around Fall/Winter. If you would like to read the Producer's Letter, click HERE or on one of the images below.

A new boss/minion for a dungeon/Empryea? What do you think?

August 30, 2017

Donate To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims!


This is a post with a link to Salvation Army USA that you can donate to, to help Hurricane Harvey victims.  I've also included a link to the website above the "Search This Blog" option on my website. Keep Texas and Louisiana in your prayers!

Salvation Army USA

August 29, 2017

Wizard101: Halloween Run 2017

Hello Wizards!

TODAY at 6:00 pm CST, we'll be hosting the Second Annual Halloween Run. Everyone will need to meet up in Nightside, Vampire Realm on today to attend the event. Hall Monitors will be present at this event, so please keep it family-friendly! Keep reading for more information:


1:00 pm CST                              YouTube Stream Begins
1:30 pm CST                                          Raid Wizard City
2:30 pm CST                                                               TBA
3:00 pm CST                                           Costume Contest
4:00 pm CST                                  MEGA Twitter Contest
4:30 pm CST                   Small Activities/Random Gifting
5:00 pm CST                            Halloween Run Countdown
6:00 pm CST                                    Halloween Run Begins
6:30 pm CST                                       Group Photo Contest
7:00 pm CST                              Afterparty/Random Gifting

Hosts and Port Wizards
Edward Lifegem
Alura Willowblade Level 5 Life
Nathaniel EarthFlower Level 100 Death
Michael Fairytale - Level 120 Life

Autumn Dreamwalker
Autumn Dreamwalker Level 1 Balance 
Brahm Shadowwhisper Level 56 Death
Alura Crow Level 2 Death

Michael Wildflame
Iridian Willowflame - Level 18 Fire 
Olivia Ghost - Level 120 Life

Kaitlyn Soulrider 
Destiny Dragonheart Level 120 Fire 
Bailey Shadowheart Level 120 Death 
Christopher Level 82 Life
Jeffery Soulrider Level 26 Fire

Fallon Fireblade
Kyle Dust Level 20 Balance 
Sarah Skystrider Level 120 Life 
Abigail Frostblossom Level 15 Balance

David Silverhunter
Justin Dark Level 100 Balance 
Lauren Firesword Level 47 Fire

Important Links
 Official Stream 
 Halloween Run Guide 
 Halloween Run Contests 
 My Twitter Account 

August 20, 2017

Scrutiny, Criticism, & Bad Behavior

Hi there!

So, I've been behind quite a bit on posting - but I want to talk a bit about why this year has been a slower year, even with school. As many of you know, I started blogging about Wizard101 in May of 2010. I've made nearly 1,500 different blog posts - which are technically full of my opinions. Out of every year of blogging, this year has been the year I've been afraid to give my opinion on my website, until now.

As many of you know, this year has been such a crazy year online. However, it has also been a crazy year offline - and I've had many personal issues as well. Some have used that to their advantage and it took me a long time to realize, they only want to use my emotion over factual information. These emotions led me to believe that I'd be criticized by everyone, including Kingsisle for posting my thoughts on my website. However, there have been many old community leaders that shared their opinions/thoughts on their websites and even their channels. So I'm going to be 100% real with you starting again this year. I love being positive, but I can't be positive every second of the day, as I am only human. So, let me express a few points as I'll do with certain topics and not just this one from now on. 

Bullying Is Not Okay - Being Scrutinized For Recognizing It, Is Also Wrong

I've made quite a few posts over the past seven years to promote inclusion and recognize bullying as something that should never occur. The word "Bullying" is not a word that anybody, including myself, wants to see or say because we don't want to see it. We have to recognize that just because we don't want to see it or have never seen it,  doesn't mean it's not occurring. Bullying does occur in this community and every game community. We already know ways to handle bullying - that is Ignoring and Blocking. However, being scrutinized and having personal beliefs attacked because I recognize bullying takes place in this community is not right. 

  • Recognizing It: Pointing out that bullying does take place is no reason to get offended. It takes place and there are few who recognize it and try to do something about it so less of it occurs. I applaud those who do recognize it takes place, mostly because, if we have our back turned when someone is being bullied and yelling our name for help, we'll help. As a side note: I do agree that anyone who is suffering depression should visit for help. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting help - I've had depression in the past and I asked for help. I'm a much happier person today. If you recognize it, don't be afraid to use your voice to do the right thing.
  • Scrutiny: Being examined for everything you say is normal. I've come to realize that, especially this year that people will always find something wrong with you because they do not like the good that you're doing. If you're scrutinized for standing up for what's right - it shows that your voice is being heard. I've actually felt at times like I shouldn't stand up against bullying - how is that even a good thing? I'm not sorry when I say this, but now, I don't regret doing so. If people are offended by my words of inclusion over the words of death threats, then that's not my fault. There's no way to convince people who judge a book by its cover. We can only hope they realize one day what they've done wrong and admit to it. I am willing to admit I've made many wrong approaches in the past of handling this bullying. I actually used my emotion to lead instead of facts even when I had them. Even though I've been scrutinized for just about everything this year - even though it's never happened in the past as much as this year - well it shows that the truth hurts, but even if it does, it's still the truth.
  • True Friends: I've recognized that I've found my true friends after a lot of things that have occurred this year. Sure, it's an online game, but Bullying is no laughing matter as it's been played out to be. I've found that there are many great people who don't want to see any of this bullying. We are tired of it, to be honest. Through this, I've found true friends! Those who do recognize that we have a problem. If you're not willing to try to solve a problem, it'll never be solved. If you try, you'll eventually solve it even if it takes awhile. I've been extremely thankful to those for many kind words. I am only glad you recognize the problem. Even if you never attend events or read my posts or anything.. If you recognize the problem we have, you are in my opinion, truly a great friend of many. 

Ignoring/Blocking Is A Great Solution - Also Recognizing The Problem

I started talking about recognizing the problem on the True Friends bullet point above. If you recognize we have a problem, we can start Ignoring and Blocking those who are willing to support it and/or participate in such behavior. Who supports it though? Anyone who participates in any form of bullying towards anybody. It doesn't matter who it is, if you do it, you're part of the problem. People blaming the victim of bullying is a common theme in the community as well. Any Rumor/Slander, Namecalling, Exposing of Personal Information, Discrimination, and Death Threats are strongly CONDEMNED by me and many people around the world. Many in the community may feel it's justified, but many more around the world disagree with that. 

  • Personal Information: There have been leaks of personal information across the community and shouldn't happen. It is sad seeing this occur to anyone and I do mean anyone. It's not right. If you do that, well, I feel bad for you that you think it's okay to do this. It's not good to do this to anyone. If you're willing to do this to gain attention, you won't be able to make the true friends that you have the potential to make. 
  • Ignoring/Blocking: Ignoring and Blocking is an excellent feature across the board. There will always be people who are willing to try to argue but can't without personally attacking you. The Block/Ignore feature is a lovely feature that I've used, especially in the past few weeks. Don't feel that they've won if you block them - because if you bully or support bullying, that's not winning. That's losing. But, recognize that they're only human and make mistakes as everyone does. If they accept that they also make mistakes, they should be welcomed and not scrutinized/bullied. 

The Future Of This Website AND My Stay Here In The Community

Many of you have heard that I've wanted to leave many times in the past year. This has been due to horrible things that occur, but I've recognized something else that I really didn't recognize before this year. There are a lot of people who do good things for people as well. I believe that everyone is capable of doing good things. However, there are some that are able to do more bad things than good. It is sad seeing how this is praised by the community and others, but there is nothing we can do about that. The words of this post may even be twisted. And I don't care if they are twisted into meaning something else because, at the end of the day, I know what this post means. This post was made to express my opinions and to make my voice be heard. I'm glad to announce that they have been heard by many people around the community, even those who may have not known me before but decided to attend the events to attack us - which is going to change with our future events, that will now include Hall Monitors to keep everyone comfortable. 

I hope you all are able to take something with this post. Many people may even make this post Controversial, even though I don't see how this post could be controversial since it includes talking about acceptance and inclusion of everyone and declining the bad decisions. We will just have to accept that. I will only say this. I have made posts on this website since May 10th, 2010. I am in no way asking everyone to blindly follow me. I do all of this for free and have been for years now. I am not perfect and have made many mistakes.. One thing I'd never consider a mistake was joining this community! I really do love this community and I don't like seeing anyone being hurt. I have changed though. I am proud to say I'm not letting those who scrutinize me and bully me (while calling it criticism) to get to me. I want all of you to know that I'll never adapt to that sort of behavior. We'll always do what's right whether trolls like it or not. We won't fight and sink down to their level. Instead, we will stand up for good things in the community and support those who are doing good things! I don't care if people think this post is pointless. I say, go ahead and criticize me. I'm doing what is right and I am proud to say that I won't ever stop. We're doing the right thing and we should always continue to do that no matter who tells us we're wrong. If good people stood down to bullying and discrimination, nobody would have never accomplished the good things that have occurred in the past 50 years! Do what's right. Always. Don't forget to always be you no matter what people say about you - they're only jealous that you're happy! They also deserve happiness and acting that way is not the way to go. Let's spread good around the community and all of the world.

Hate Isn't Born, It's Taught. 

August 19, 2017

Wizard101: Important Twitter Poll

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great start of the weekend. This is actually my last weekend before my Fall classes start! I'm going to have a Back To School event with Autumn Dreamwalker - where we get together and interact before the next major event in October. If you would like to attend that event, we'll be meeting TODAY in The Commons, Greyrose Realm at 2:00 pm CST. Now back to the Halloween Run in October.. I have an important poll that I want you to answer:

If you click on the image above, you can access that poll by logging into your Twitter account and voting the appropriate time for the Halloween Run itself. Keep in mind that we'll have a Schedule of Halloween Run Day activities. The poll above is only asking what time you think we should have the Official Halloween Run, not the other activities that will take place. The entire event will be an all day event, but the Halloween Run will take place at a certain time during the day. I'd like you to pick that time! 

The Official Halloween Run Schedule will be released on Monday, August 28th!

August 18, 2017

Events Are Great For The Community

Hi there!

Lately there has been a comparison of events here in the community. I'm here to say that no matter who throws an event, it is special for the community because it brings people together. This should matter a lot more than popularity. There are many people in the community that put a lot of work into events just for the community, and all, are great community leaders for putting them together!

I recently attended Lail and Taylor's awesome Fall-themed event. This event was another one of many amazing events that brought people together from all over the world. I must say it was nice attending to only interact and not host. Hosting is a tough job, but the result of bringing people together is a wonderful thing. I want to send a major thank you to Lail and Taylor for putting this event together for us!

Skelemystyk has also thrown many great parties. These parties are always tough to put together so I also must thank Skele for putting on such amazing parties for the community. I can't tell you how much I appreciate each community event. Nobody must throw these events at all, but they decide to and that's awesome! I really appreciate every event in the community.

We also have events for the community. No matter who's celebrating an event in the community, always show support. There are many great people in the community who have events such as Tara DawnBreaker who has unique events to collect money to donate for endangered animals. We also have people such as Heather and Val who host events for the LGBT community. There are so many amazing events that occur in the community with one common purpose: Bringing people together to do something good. There is a lot of bad going on in the world today; but seeing events like these, no matter who they're from remind me that there is a lot more good! We're all capable of bringing people together, but it starts with taking the step to do so. Thank you to everyone who throws events! You know who you are! Also, thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

You Are Capable Of Doing Anything You Put Your Mind To!

August 9, 2017

Opinion: Kingsisle Needs To Focus On Their Main Games!

Ahoy Pirates!

It's been a few months since I've last made a post. I apologize! Today, I decided to make a post about a topic that has been discussed from pirates everywhere in the community: The lack of Pirate101 Updates.

A Shrinking Community
Let me start off and say that I love Kingsisle and Pirate101, but the Pirate101 community has shrunk drastically since the last major release of Marleybone and Aquila in 2013. Keep in mind that these worlds were released nearly FIVE years ago.. This make you wonder what exactly is happening at the Kingsisle studios. Well, we already know what's happening. Mobile Games. Some of these games, like Everclicker, are awesome games. However, Kingsisle has shifted focus to only focus on Wizard101 and Mobile Games. This shift has led to a shrinkage of not just Pirate101's main base of players, but also the Pirate101 community. 

Games like Everclicker have potential of reaching many players outside of the Kingsisle fanbase. However, there has been a focus on many mobile games. It does get confusing when so many mobile games are released when Pirate101 would most likely make more money if it got the attention it should have gotten in the past 5 years. Kingsisle had a reduction of force last year, which makes sense that they did lose money since the very start of the company. This doesn't mean the company itself is dying though. #Pirate101Lives ONLY if they give focus on their MMO Games. I can't imagine multitasking that much. It makes sense now to see why Pirate101 didn't get the attention it deserved, but it cost them millions of players by doing that. I love their company, but I will say that was the largest mistake they could ever make. The loss of players led to a shrinking Pirate101 community.

Focus On Your Main Games, Kingsisle!

I think we can all agree when I say that Kingsisle needs to focus on their main games: Wizard101, Pirate101 and if we include a mobile game, EverClicker! When you focus on 100 different things, you'll lose track of your priorities. I don't know the reasoning behind the lack of focus on Pirate101 - but this game had and still has potential. Many people love this game and I say it deserves something special.. We all probably had this in mind when I say something special:

New Worlds
New Ships
New Companions
New Bundles
New Packs
New Commercials

Copying things from Wizard101 is sometimes awesome, but I don't think people want to buy the same thing over again if they already have it in Wizard101. Please listen to your players when I say this in the most kind way possible.. Please update your main games. If you can pull it off and bring Pirate101 back, don't stop another five years. I know I'm a fansite owner, but even those who support you until the end must say something. Listen to your Pirate101 players when they say we deserve an update. This update shouldn't be rushed! Valencia 2 was awesome, but I couldn't believe the bugs (even in Test Realm) that came with it. I've played Wizard101 8 years and Pirate101 for 5 years and that Test Realm was the buggiest Test Realm I've ever seen. There are still bugs that haven't been fixed. We love your games, but please, put more work into them. It's not that you never do because we know you can do better. I'll always support your games until the end, but I hope you all at least listen to us in return. I believe Pirate101 has more potential than you think!

Wizard101: Santa Run Recap

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great week so far! I've been busy getting ready for classes that will start soon, but it's still been a great week for me. I am also catching up on posts which I wanted to make, but didn't have a chance to since I had to get my computer fixed. Today, I decided to make a Santa Run Recap post for the Christmas in July Santa Run!

WhiteTiger93's Recap of the Santa Run

This event was another great event to get the community together. These events are thrown to bring everyone together, even through tough times. We don't have these for attention or fame. We truly love the community and will continue having events like this for a very long time. It was nice getting everyone together once again to interact with old friends and make new friends.

Numbers aren't that important, but I wanted to share that we had more in attendance during this Santa Run - Christmas in July than we had last year! This is good news because we got that many more people to come together to have fun, make new friends, and most of all support the game that we love. These events will always be for and about the community. I am glad everyone who attends these understands that message. 

Our run around Wizard City was a lot of fun. Shortly after the run, our amazing port wizards teleported everyone to the afterparty! They were a lot of help and deserve a special thank you! Thank you for helping put the event together. I would also like to thank the Santa Run Cohosts - Autumn Dreamwalker, Michael, and Frostcaller - for helping make the event continue when I didn't think I'd be able to attend. I was extremely worried, but it's nice to see that the event was able to continue!

Autumn Dreamwalker decorated amazing Christmas-themed houses for everyone to explore! Most of us went to the Celestial Observatory house to take a group picture. One of the sayings were "Santas Against Bullying" which may seem pointless, but it's a great sign that there are many in the community that want you to know that if you're being bullied, we're here for you! Speaking of bad behavior.. I wanted to update everyone again that...

We will have Hall Monitors At Future Events!

This is now required due to the growth in events. These events are broadcast everywhere so we'll just have to spread the word that Hall Monitors will now be present at future events. It will still be fun, as long as you behave! There is no need to worry if you don't misbehave. Speaking of future events.. our next major event will be the Halloween Run. This event will be unlike any event we've ever had. We'll have tons of epic contests, activities, and a lot of fun! Thank you again for your support! Let's continue to spread goodness and acceptance. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

More Event Information At:

August 8, 2017

When Chaos Takes Over

Hi there,

This is an opinion post. I will not publish this on my Wizard101 Label Post, but since this is my website, I will publish it without a label. I haven't made a post where I just talk to you all in quite awhile. I'm usually on Twitter, but when I talk there... ouch! Today, I decided to make a post about this year. As many of you already know, I've been involved in quite a few arguments with people on Twitter. You wouldn't believe it, but it involves how we should treat a very important topic: Bullying.

No Apology

This does need to change. I'm not going to explain myself to anyone, but yes, it is very important. I've been told I don't accept opinions, but nobody accepts my opinion on this. I've been blocked, had personal beliefs attacked, and more. Unfortunately, this is how these people are. I will not support that type of behavior or give anymore attention to it after this post. It is really sad, to be honest. Those who try to do what's right (maybe not in a perfect way but still) are treated worse in the community than those wishing death upon people or telling people they'll kill them. I've always wondered why, but I've finally realized that they'll only realize on their own that they're wrong. There are many who agree, which is why I've continued to speak up. It's time that I realize my mistake of trying to convince people who want to bring good people down that they're doing wrong. I've done a good job ignoring trolls, but I haven't done a good job ignoring a few that promote this. However I want to say this..

 I am not going to apologize for standing up for what's right. Why would I? 

It would be a sad day if I had to apologize for being worried about people in the community. I know who I am, and that is not who I am. I do not regret doing what's right. A few months ago, I was worried about being blocked by people, but I was actually happy! That's when I realized, I was always doing the right thing. It was time to block them or have them block me. We do not support that. I was told by someone awesome on Facebook that I have the friends that I have attending/and or supporting the events that we have because they support me for who I am. That's who I'll support from now on. That's the reason I haven't left because of these amazing people. So, that's a heads up that I will not leave because of immature people in the community who do need to grow up. We are doing great.. However, I want to address something before I end all of this once and for all. 

Do I Only Care About Myself?

Something that hurt me more than anything said was that I was criticized for only thinking about myself. I am going to say this: 

I do not care about fame, fortune, or anything that benefits me. The events that we have are thrown to benefit the community. These events are thrown to bring people together. As many of you know, I've had severe anxiety and depression in the past. Fansites back in the day, like Diary of a Wizard and Ravenwood Radio threw events that brought people together. They brought everyone together, and I was able to make friends in the community. In my real life, I always pushed friends away, but these people were accepting of people. It was a great time. Today, we have these events to do the same and it's also a thank you to Fansites like Ravenwood Radio (now Spiral Radio) and Diary of a Wizard.

Why would I want fame/fortune? If anything I've spent money of my own and spent years here through tough times and very tough times like recently. People will always use my words and personal beliefs against me to make me look bad, but I know who I am. I am not that kind of person. They'll say things that are false - like things are said about quite a few people here already.  It's their opinion. I just want all of you to know again that the things we do are for you! Heck, my family even knows about events I want to throw for you all because I love having them for you. These events are and will always be about bringing the community together. Those who attack people should try to do the same thing. 

The Future

I'm done trying to convince people what's right and wrong, especially those who close their eyes and put their fingers in their ears. I still think the future is bright. We're not going to allow this to corrupt the entire community. We will not let this get the best of us. I for one will not even mention any of it after this post. I'm done with it. This doesn't mean I'll be silent because they told me so.

 I will not do the same thing to you because I'm not sinking down to that level. It is sad to see this happening to anyone here. We have to have Hall Monitors at the events now because of this.. Crazy how we had events all last year and didn't see any of this until this year.. That only shows how things have changed in a negative way. However, it's still positive since people want to keep the community together by attending/and or supporting these events whether its ours or someone else's event.

I will say this as one last final word. I'm going to be strong and continue to do what's right with or without personal attacks. I thank God I have chosen not to sink to that level with anyone. I'm not perfect, but I'm glad I don't do things like that to anyone. So no matter what people may say about me or others, we're not the ones doing what they're doing. That's a sign we're in the right. Now.. for as long as I am here, I am not mentioning their horrible behavior or support of it ever again. If they want to attack me for trying to bring people together, well.. that shows how they are. I am tired of it and I'm sure you all are as well. So, we're going to use that energy on new posts (which I've declined on quite a bit because of all of this) and the events. The things I stand up against are all true. Until that truth is seen, that is all. Until then, we're going to bring this community together! I will say this as an ending. I don't believe anyone is bad, but I do think people make bad mistakes. I worked so hard to convince to try to bring everyone together, but it's time to stop and let them decide where they want to go. It's their choice. There's nothing more other than ignore until they see the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but the truth matters. To those who have supported this message, please block all of the things below. Whether they're supported or not. Do what's right!

August 7, 2017

Wizard101: Fall Party Recap

Hi there!

I hope you're having an awesome Monday. This Monday might be one of the best/laziest Mondays I've had in quite sometime. Today, I've decided to make a Recap post of yesterday's Fall event, hosted by Lail and Taylor!

Lail and Taylor got the community together for the love of the community! I'm glad they put this fun event together for everyone. It's nice making new friends, along with interacting with old friends. During this event, we got together in the commons in the evening and started it out with a dance line near the pond. If you've read my blog in the past, you know I take hundreds of screenshots for a three-four screenshot post. Most of them are amazing and are kept for memory, but I also upload some to my website. I wish I could upload all of them, but it would take forever! Events like these make me want to post hundreds of screenshots! 

After the dance line, we went on a Run from the Commons to Unicorn Way. Some of us did get caught in a battle, but the pixies were not match for our powerful spells.  Shortly after battling, Wolf started a hide-and-seek. I wasn't able to join the chat channel, but I think everyone had fun! After playing a bit of hide-and-seek we were ready to teleport to Wolf's Polarian Shipwreck house for some Trivia and later Tournaments!

I stayed about two hours! I really do love attending events - it does take a lot of work to put on an event, so I thank Lail and Taylor for having this event for the community! I am looking forward to more events from you two. I hope all of you consider having events one day. Events never fail to bring the community together. Thank you all for reading! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. By the way, please give Lail and Taylor a Follow on Twitter!

Lail's Twitter

Taylor's Twitter

Although bad things are said/done, good things will be remembered the most!

August 5, 2017

Wizard101: Never Share Personal Information

Hello Wizards!

Today, I wanted to share an important video along with a message that everyone should remember. Never Share Personal Information with anyone! You need to remember that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Below, I've included a video that you should watch and a few tips from myself/others over the past 9 years. Please watch and read!

  • Never Share Personal Information: As I've said above, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. If someone asks you for your personal information in return for gift cards/codes, they're only wanting to take your account. They will not give you any codes. After that, your account will be banned. If you want to keep your account, remember to keep your personal information. 
  • Use Trusted Websites: I've included a list of the official Kingsisle Websites/Fansites. You can click on the Wizard101 Tab Above or HERE to access that list. If you see a website unlike any of those websites, it should not be trusted and reported to Kingsisle right away! Using trusted websites also means using trusted emails. The Official Kingsisle emails are listed below:

Help/Game Card Redemption Email 

Support Email

Community Email

Please follow those two important tips above! Again, if you want to keep your account safe, keep your personal information safe. Please Stay Safe Online! It's important that you do. Those who stay safe are the ones who will keep their accounts the longest. Let's show everyone how long we can keep our accounts safe. Thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. 

Wizard101: Fall Party

Hi there!

Today I wanted to announce a community Fall-themed event that will be hosted tomorrow - Sunday, August 6th - by @Twizard_Taylor and @MLG_Sloth_Lail from Twitter. I am planning on attending this awesome event. If you would like more information about this event, please continue reading.

TODAY at 6:00 pm CST

The Commons, Imp Realm 


Port Wizard
You will need to add the port wizard below to make it to the Afterparty:

Wear Fall-Themed Colors if you're planning on attending this event! I hope to see you all there. It's always good to support everyone, especially for events that are meant to bring the community together. Thank you Taylor and Lail for putting this event together for the community!

August 4, 2017

August Is Here?!

Hi there!

I apologize for the long hiatus. I have been waiting for my computer fixed. It took money and time to get it fixed, but I'm proud to announce that I am finally back! The past month has been one crazy month.. Sad, Happy, and Exciting. I believe the future is looking bright and I hope to do everything I can to be a friend to all of you reading/not reading. I am also hoping to improve on a lot of my past mistakes - we're all human, so it's okay that we make mistakes as long as we learn from them. Now that I've updated you on a few things, here are a few updates that I wanted to share with you:

Autumn Dreamwalker made an awesome Graphic for the Halloween Run! I know I'm sharing early, but I always look forward to these events since I can spend time with you all. Can't wait to interact more. By the way... The Halloween Run will be unlike any past event. There will be activities and contests all day leading up to the official run... then a contest after. Trust me, you're going to enjoy it! I will release more information on August 28th. Keep an eye out! My plans are to announce a major contest on that day. Speaking of Halloween, I've changed the theme of my website. I hope you like it! It may be early, but there's never anything wrong with celebrating early. 

Speaking of events.. We had the Santa Run for Christmas in July! I had fun interacting with everyone. We didn't have contests at this event and announced that we wouldn't. It was a nice turn out and I'm glad each and everyone of you were able to make it. We did however have an issue involving bad behavior.. I have one response to this:

Hall Monitors Will Likely Be Present At Future Events

 I'm currently working with Kingsisle to figure this out. I love seeing you all have fun, but I don't want you dealing with things going on in the community that none of us like. I want you to feel safe at these events and not have to deal with people who don't want to behave. Our events are a family-friendly zone and always will be. That's really most of the updates that I have. Please stick around for more posts this month. I'm going to get back to posting now! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. Always Be You!