August 9, 2017

Opinion: Kingsisle Needs To Focus On Their Main Games!

Ahoy Pirates!

It's been a few months since I've last made a post. I apologize! Today, I decided to make a post about a topic that has been discussed from pirates everywhere in the community: The lack of Pirate101 Updates.

A Shrinking Community
Let me start off and say that I love Kingsisle and Pirate101, but the Pirate101 community has shrunk drastically since the last major release of Marleybone and Aquila in 2013. Keep in mind that these worlds were released nearly FIVE years ago.. This make you wonder what exactly is happening at the Kingsisle studios. Well, we already know what's happening. Mobile Games. Some of these games, like Everclicker, are awesome games. However, Kingsisle has shifted focus to only focus on Wizard101 and Mobile Games. This shift has led to a shrinkage of not just Pirate101's main base of players, but also the Pirate101 community. 

Games like Everclicker have potential of reaching many players outside of the Kingsisle fanbase. However, there has been a focus on many mobile games. It does get confusing when so many mobile games are released when Pirate101 would most likely make more money if it got the attention it should have gotten in the past 5 years. Kingsisle had a reduction of force last year, which makes sense that they did lose money since the very start of the company. This doesn't mean the company itself is dying though. #Pirate101Lives ONLY if they give focus on their MMO Games. I can't imagine multitasking that much. It makes sense now to see why Pirate101 didn't get the attention it deserved, but it cost them millions of players by doing that. I love their company, but I will say that was the largest mistake they could ever make. The loss of players led to a shrinking Pirate101 community.

Focus On Your Main Games, Kingsisle!

I think we can all agree when I say that Kingsisle needs to focus on their main games: Wizard101, Pirate101 and if we include a mobile game, EverClicker! When you focus on 100 different things, you'll lose track of your priorities. I don't know the reasoning behind the lack of focus on Pirate101 - but this game had and still has potential. Many people love this game and I say it deserves something special.. We all probably had this in mind when I say something special:

New Worlds
New Ships
New Companions
New Bundles
New Packs
New Commercials

Copying things from Wizard101 is sometimes awesome, but I don't think people want to buy the same thing over again if they already have it in Wizard101. Please listen to your players when I say this in the most kind way possible.. Please update your main games. If you can pull it off and bring Pirate101 back, don't stop another five years. I know I'm a fansite owner, but even those who support you until the end must say something. Listen to your Pirate101 players when they say we deserve an update. This update shouldn't be rushed! Valencia 2 was awesome, but I couldn't believe the bugs (even in Test Realm) that came with it. I've played Wizard101 8 years and Pirate101 for 5 years and that Test Realm was the buggiest Test Realm I've ever seen. There are still bugs that haven't been fixed. We love your games, but please, put more work into them. It's not that you never do because we know you can do better. I'll always support your games until the end, but I hope you all at least listen to us in return. I believe Pirate101 has more potential than you think!

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