August 31, 2017

Petnome Pirates Event Recap

Ahoy Pirates!

I know you're shocked that I'm actually publishing a post about Pirate101. I am happy to announce that I'm finally back and hope to make more blog posts throughout the year / next year. Yesterday, I found out Petnome Pirates was having another NXP event on Pirate101 and I knew I wanted to join in on the fun!

I first made my way to this event on my witchdoctor, which had full NXP, gold, and backpack space. There was no way I was going to stay on that character, so I decided to switch to my Musketeer instead. Edward Hawkins brought his Royal Navy Galleon to battle Martin Chambers in the Calabria Skyway. I'll be completely honest.. I think Martin Chambers thought he had a chance of winning! We had to show him many times that the Pirate101 community doesn't back down to battles, even if they continue to appear out of nowhere!

I had a lot of fun and I want to thank Lenora and Chrissy for putting this event on. I love Petnome (both Wizard and Pirate) and support them 100% in everything they do. Thank you for everything you have done and everything you will do for the community. I'm looking forward to attending more of your events. Had a great time interacting with everyone about the games and about Petnome in general. If you all would like to give them a follow or view their website, click on one of the hyperlinks below:



Sailing off into the sunset after leveling 8 nautical levels AND earning 150k gold!

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