August 8, 2017

When Chaos Takes Over

Hi there,

This is an opinion post. I will not publish this on my Wizard101 Label Post, but since this is my website, I will publish it without a label. I haven't made a post where I just talk to you all in quite awhile. I'm usually on Twitter, but when I talk there... ouch! Today, I decided to make a post about this year. As many of you already know, I've been involved in quite a few arguments with people on Twitter. You wouldn't believe it, but it involves how we should treat a very important topic: Bullying.

No Apology

This does need to change. I'm not going to explain myself to anyone, but yes, it is very important. I've been told I don't accept opinions, but nobody accepts my opinion on this. I've been blocked, had personal beliefs attacked, and more. Unfortunately, this is how these people are. I will not support that type of behavior or give anymore attention to it after this post. It is really sad, to be honest. Those who try to do what's right (maybe not in a perfect way but still) are treated worse in the community than those wishing death upon people or telling people they'll kill them. I've always wondered why, but I've finally realized that they'll only realize on their own that they're wrong. There are many who agree, which is why I've continued to speak up. It's time that I realize my mistake of trying to convince people who want to bring good people down that they're doing wrong. I've done a good job ignoring trolls, but I haven't done a good job ignoring a few that promote this. However I want to say this..

 I am not going to apologize for standing up for what's right. Why would I? 

It would be a sad day if I had to apologize for being worried about people in the community. I know who I am, and that is not who I am. I do not regret doing what's right. A few months ago, I was worried about being blocked by people, but I was actually happy! That's when I realized, I was always doing the right thing. It was time to block them or have them block me. We do not support that. I was told by someone awesome on Facebook that I have the friends that I have attending/and or supporting the events that we have because they support me for who I am. That's who I'll support from now on. That's the reason I haven't left because of these amazing people. So, that's a heads up that I will not leave because of immature people in the community who do need to grow up. We are doing great.. However, I want to address something before I end all of this once and for all. 

Do I Only Care About Myself?

Something that hurt me more than anything said was that I was criticized for only thinking about myself. I am going to say this: 

I do not care about fame, fortune, or anything that benefits me. The events that we have are thrown to benefit the community. These events are thrown to bring people together. As many of you know, I've had severe anxiety and depression in the past. Fansites back in the day, like Diary of a Wizard and Ravenwood Radio threw events that brought people together. They brought everyone together, and I was able to make friends in the community. In my real life, I always pushed friends away, but these people were accepting of people. It was a great time. Today, we have these events to do the same and it's also a thank you to Fansites like Ravenwood Radio (now Spiral Radio) and Diary of a Wizard.

Why would I want fame/fortune? If anything I've spent money of my own and spent years here through tough times and very tough times like recently. People will always use my words and personal beliefs against me to make me look bad, but I know who I am. I am not that kind of person. They'll say things that are false - like things are said about quite a few people here already.  It's their opinion. I just want all of you to know again that the things we do are for you! Heck, my family even knows about events I want to throw for you all because I love having them for you. These events are and will always be about bringing the community together. Those who attack people should try to do the same thing. 

The Future

I'm done trying to convince people what's right and wrong, especially those who close their eyes and put their fingers in their ears. I still think the future is bright. We're not going to allow this to corrupt the entire community. We will not let this get the best of us. I for one will not even mention any of it after this post. I'm done with it. This doesn't mean I'll be silent because they told me so.

 I will not do the same thing to you because I'm not sinking down to that level. It is sad to see this happening to anyone here. We have to have Hall Monitors at the events now because of this.. Crazy how we had events all last year and didn't see any of this until this year.. That only shows how things have changed in a negative way. However, it's still positive since people want to keep the community together by attending/and or supporting these events whether its ours or someone else's event.

I will say this as one last final word. I'm going to be strong and continue to do what's right with or without personal attacks. I thank God I have chosen not to sink to that level with anyone. I'm not perfect, but I'm glad I don't do things like that to anyone. So no matter what people may say about me or others, we're not the ones doing what they're doing. That's a sign we're in the right. Now.. for as long as I am here, I am not mentioning their horrible behavior or support of it ever again. If they want to attack me for trying to bring people together, well.. that shows how they are. I am tired of it and I'm sure you all are as well. So, we're going to use that energy on new posts (which I've declined on quite a bit because of all of this) and the events. The things I stand up against are all true. Until that truth is seen, that is all. Until then, we're going to bring this community together! I will say this as an ending. I don't believe anyone is bad, but I do think people make bad mistakes. I worked so hard to convince to try to bring everyone together, but it's time to stop and let them decide where they want to go. It's their choice. There's nothing more other than ignore until they see the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but the truth matters. To those who have supported this message, please block all of the things below. Whether they're supported or not. Do what's right!

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