August 7, 2017

Wizard101: Fall Party Recap

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I hope you're having an awesome Monday. This Monday might be one of the best/laziest Mondays I've had in quite sometime. Today, I've decided to make a Recap post of yesterday's Fall event, hosted by Lail and Taylor!

Lail and Taylor got the community together for the love of the community! I'm glad they put this fun event together for everyone. It's nice making new friends, along with interacting with old friends. During this event, we got together in the commons in the evening and started it out with a dance line near the pond. If you've read my blog in the past, you know I take hundreds of screenshots for a three-four screenshot post. Most of them are amazing and are kept for memory, but I also upload some to my website. I wish I could upload all of them, but it would take forever! Events like these make me want to post hundreds of screenshots! 

After the dance line, we went on a Run from the Commons to Unicorn Way. Some of us did get caught in a battle, but the pixies were not match for our powerful spells.  Shortly after battling, Wolf started a hide-and-seek. I wasn't able to join the chat channel, but I think everyone had fun! After playing a bit of hide-and-seek we were ready to teleport to Wolf's Polarian Shipwreck house for some Trivia and later Tournaments!

I stayed about two hours! I really do love attending events - it does take a lot of work to put on an event, so I thank Lail and Taylor for having this event for the community! I am looking forward to more events from you two. I hope all of you consider having events one day. Events never fail to bring the community together. Thank you all for reading! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. By the way, please give Lail and Taylor a Follow on Twitter!

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