August 29, 2017

Wizard101: Halloween Run (Saturday, October 28th)

Hello Wizards!

On Saturday, October 28th at 6:00 pm CST, we'll be hosting the Second Annual Halloween Run. Everyone will need to meet up in Nightside, Vampire Realm on this date to attend the event! The Halloween Run will be an all-day family-friendly event with many activities and contests. Keep scrolling for more important information plus a Raffle!


11:00 am CST    Nightmare Before Christmas Run

12:00 pm CST                                            Dance Party

12:30 pm CST         Favorite Spooky Mount Showoff

1:00 pm CST                         YouTube Stream Begins

1:30 pm CST                                     Raid Wizard City

2:30 pm CST                            Hide and Seek Contest

3:00 pm CST                                      Costume Contest

4:00 pm CST                            MEGA Twitter Contest

4:30 pm CST            Small Activities/Random Gifting

5:00 pm CST                    Halloween Run Countdown

6:00 pm CST                             Halloween Run Begins

6:30 pm CST                                Group Photo Contest

7:00 pm CST                     Afterparty/Random Gifting

Family-Friendly Event
We're working with Kingsisle to get Hall Monitors
Be Kind AND Be Respectful


Wizard101 9th Birthday / Halloween Run Announcement Raffle
Codes Provided by Kingsisle - Thank you and Happy 9th Birthday, Wizard101!
Winners TBA Saturday, September 23

Hosts, Port Wizards, Moderators
All will be announced on September 28th!
Check Back on that date for this important information.

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