August 29, 2017

Wizard101: Halloween Run 2017

Hello Wizards!

TODAY at 6:00 pm CST, we'll be hosting the Second Annual Halloween Run. Everyone will need to meet up in Nightside, Vampire Realm on today to attend the event. Hall Monitors will be present at this event, so please keep it family-friendly! Keep reading for more information:


1:00 pm CST                              YouTube Stream Begins
1:30 pm CST                                          Raid Wizard City
2:30 pm CST                                                               TBA
3:00 pm CST                                           Costume Contest
4:00 pm CST                                  MEGA Twitter Contest
4:30 pm CST                   Small Activities/Random Gifting
5:00 pm CST                            Halloween Run Countdown
6:00 pm CST                                    Halloween Run Begins
6:30 pm CST                                       Group Photo Contest
7:00 pm CST                              Afterparty/Random Gifting

Hosts and Port Wizards
Edward Lifegem
Alura Willowblade Level 5 Life
Nathaniel EarthFlower Level 100 Death
Michael Fairytale - Level 120 Life

Autumn Dreamwalker
Autumn Dreamwalker Level 1 Balance 
Brahm Shadowwhisper Level 56 Death
Alura Crow Level 2 Death

Michael Wildflame
Iridian Willowflame - Level 18 Fire 
Olivia Ghost - Level 120 Life

Kaitlyn Soulrider 
Destiny Dragonheart Level 120 Fire 
Bailey Shadowheart Level 120 Death 
Christopher Level 82 Life
Jeffery Soulrider Level 26 Fire

Fallon Fireblade
Kyle Dust Level 20 Balance 
Sarah Skystrider Level 120 Life 
Abigail Frostblossom Level 15 Balance

David Silverhunter
Justin Dark Level 100 Balance 
Lauren Firesword Level 47 Fire

Important Links
 Official Stream 
 Halloween Run Guide 
 Halloween Run Contests 
 My Twitter Account 

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