September 22, 2017

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due


I wanted to make a short blog post to talk about something important that I think is important to talk about. As you can tell by the title of this blog post, "Give Credit Where Credit Is Due", I want to credit somebody that has worked hard for our community, especially over the past year.

Our Community Manager

We all know that Tom Purdue, our community manager, has worked hard on keeping the community updated on every event, the attacks, and more. We have to remember that what he is doing is a job. Not everything is fun and games - so let's show a lot of appreciation for the hard work that he's done to make sure things continue to run smoothly. We also got an extended Birthday celebration and codes on top of contests that we've had. These codes that fansites are giving away also came from Tom. Thank you, Tom, for your hard work! 

Kingsisle Entertainment As A Whole

During the DDOS attacks, employees continued to work on the games to get us all back on the game. I don't think it's Kingsisle's fault at all that teenagers wanted to bring down a family game. The blame of this is on those teenagers, not Kingsisle. I appreciate Kingsisle's hard work bringing the game back up. We appreciate your hard work during Labor Day weekend bringing the games back up. People can say what they want - you're an awesome game team and I'm a proud supporter for nearly nine years! Thank you. The community loves you and the trolls will never outdo the support the support from your most loyal players. I wish you the very best for each game and game that you build. 

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