September 28, 2017

Halloween Run: One More Month (Saturday, October 28th)

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful week. I've been busy with a lot of real-life priorities, but I've also been working hard on preparing for the Halloween Run. Things are running smoothly and we're currently ahead of schedule. Today I wanted to make a post update to let you know what you should do before attending this year's Halloween Run.

Read The Official Halloween Run Schedule

This is an important part to know exactly what exactly will take place during this day. All other small activities will be announced on the stream, but I want all of you to know what exactly to do when we start an activity. Please read the Halloween Run Post, linked below, and let your friends that are planning on attending to do the same thing. I want everything to run smoothly and not be confusing. 

Watch The Halloween Run Guide

The Halloween Run Guide Video will show exactly where we'll be running for the Nightmare Before Christmas Run in the morning AND the Halloween Run later in the evening. Please watch this video and follow every rule in the video so you know where to run. A lot of people have been confused where to run, but this year we promoted the video a lot more than usual. Please watch the video below before the Halloween Run.

Subscribe to My YouTube Channel

As many of you already know, I am planning on streaming the Halloween Run this year. I have been promoting my YouTube Channel over the past few months so you know where exactly I'll be streaming. This stream will somewhat be a guide, but I hope you all pay attention to the game as well. I love chatting with you all on there over YouTube chat. Please stay family-friendly!

Keep It Family Friendly

In the past, we've had people bully, use bad language, and send death threats. This is a thing of the past. Our future events will include Hall Monitors and I expect everyone to report those who are doing things such as this, no question. Ignore and Report. Don't give any attention to them because they've had enough. If you participate in this, you'll be sent from the after party houses, reported, and potentially muted OR banned. Please stay family-friendly. This is a family game and we'll be having family events. You may get away with that type of behavior elsewhere, but you will not get away with it with me.

I hope to see you at the event.We're working hard for you!

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