September 2, 2017

Happy 9th Birthday, Wizard101

Hello Wizards!

Today is officially Wizard101's 9th Birthday! I wish them a very Happy Birthday and many more years! Kingsisle is a great team and I've had many wonderful memories over the past 8 years I've played the game. Happy Birthday to the very best game, ever!

I've had many great moments playing this wonderful game! One major thing that I've enjoyed are Fansite Events, like the Diary of a Wizard events that occurred from 2010-2012. These events are really what introduced me to making friends in the community. The image above is from 2011 where I made a few extra wizard friends (you may recognize some twizard names). It was such a great time in Wizard History and I'll always remember it. If it wasn't for Wizard101 existing, I would have never met so many great people since 2009. I look forward to meeting, even more, people through the years. 

Since then, I've decided to host events with many great community leaders throughout the community. These events have been a great moment to remember. We're always able to get people together and this is amazing to me. The Wizard101 community is a different type of community. No matter who tries to bring us down, we'll always rise up! Nobody will end this community. I thank you, Kingsisle so much for creating this wonderful game which helped so many through a lot. I wish the very best success for you with whatever you do. I wish the game, Wizard101, the best success as well. Let's show the world how amazing Wizard101 and the Wizard101 Community is! Don't let anyone discourage you, this game is meant for all ages. Let's continue to support the company that created Wizard101 by showing them how much we love them. I would also like to give a shoutout Birthday wish to IcyWiz who has been an amazing fansite leader from Spiral101Radio for many years. Thank you for being you, Icy!

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