September 9, 2017

What Was Wizard101 Like Back In The Olden Days? (Old Test Realms - Mounts)

Hello Wizards!

I've been thinking about making an olden days post for awhile now, and today I finally decided that it was time to make another post! As many of you know, I've been here for awhile, and I've seen most of the new updates added to Wizard101. One of the updates that I remember the most was when mounts were added to the Test Realm for the first time. Let's go back to a time when mounts didn't exist in Wizard101.

It's 2009 and you're questing your wizard in the recently-released world, Dragonspyre. You have to run around everywhere and the only other option to run just a little bit faster is to buy the Boots of the Slipstream (+4% fast rate) or  Boots of the Comet (+8% fast rate) from Zeke in The Commons. Other than that, you have to run around everywhere as you had to run around everywhere in the previous worlds as you quested to defeat Malistaire. Now this made you feel as if you were going slow, which is technically true, but you still had fun even without mounts - and many more things that I'll talk about in a future blog post. In October of 2009, you hear special news about new updates coming to Wizard101, one of them being Mounts! 

I personally remember logging so quick into the Wizard101 Test Realm to test out these new mounts. At the time there were only four or five mounts, but it was still a lot of fun to test them out. During these old days, we were given well over 100,000 Crowns in the also newly-released Crowns Shop to test out any new feature. I remember buying all of the mounts and participating in what would be one of the very first mount races in Olde Town. I couldn't believe our wizards were finally given the opportunity to go through worlds this fast. This Test Realm was probably the most memorable/best Test Realm to ever be released! 

Kingsisle's release of mounts changed the game so much. Back in the day, we were very excited about the mounts but didn't complain as much as you'd think we would before having them. This game added such a variety of mounts to choose from among many other updates that if you shared this with wizards from 2009, we'd be overwhelmed. Kingsisle has done such an amazing job on updates over the past few years whether it's the release of bundle mounts, crown shop mounts, and/or mounts from bosses. Thank you, Kingsisle, for improving the same so much since we older players joined. I'm enjoying all of the amazing updates and I know you'll only improve it further from here. Maybe in the future, I'll blog about the year 2017! This has been a great time talking about the old wizard times, but I should stop before I talk anymore. The old days were great, but this is one of those moments where I love Wizard101 today because of everything Kingsisle has added for us. Thank you again for working hard for us, Kingsisle. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

Ask Yourself: What's your favorite mount that Kingsisle added to Wizard101?

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