September 30, 2017

Wizard101's 9th Birthday Contest Winners

Hello Wizards!

I want to thank all of you for entering my recent art contest - Wizard101's 9th Birthday Contest - it amazes me to see how talented all of you are. I couldn't give everyone something, but I was fair in judging. Thank you so much for entering the contest and following the rules! Here are the winners:

Grand Prize: Keira Breeze
50,000 Crowns + Random Pack + Random Mount + Random Beckett Wand

2nd Prize: Saffron Taleweaver
25,000 Crowns + Random Pack + Random Beckett Wand

3rd - 5th Prizes: 
 Random Beckett Wand + Random Pack

Zachary Unicornbreeze

Cody Sandward

Bad Terri Jones

The winners listed above are the Winners of this Contest! I thank you all for your hard work on this contest. We had more entries for this art contest, which was shocking, but also amazing. I'm going to make an additional post soon showing off the other amazing entries (and a Raffle of those, including the last three on this post to win a $10 W101 Gift Card). Thank you all for your hard work. I have sent the code email to the winners. :)

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