October 2, 2017

Duelist101 Tournament/Party Recap

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful 2nd Day of October. I still can't believe it's October because it's one step closer to the Holiday season! I also love October because I'm able to make many blog posts and quest in game more since it's a quieter time. Today, I decided to make a blog post recapping an event that I attended during the weekend from Duelist101.

On Saturday, I arrived at least an hour early for the Wizard101 Celebratory Tournaments from Duelist101. Now, many of you already know that I've never participated in a tournament, but I still wanted to attend to show my support for Duelist101 and all of the hard work that they do for the community. I arrived talking to many amazing community wizards, including one of the amazing hosts, Mora Misthead. When the event started, we were teleported by Mora Misthead to Cody Raventamer's beautifully decorated Polarian Shipwreck house. 

I think I took about 30 different screenshots of Cody's house because I always found something I loved about it. I'm sure many of you know I'm crazy about taking screenshots, but I love having these memories for later. Who knows, maybe you'll check this post a few years from now and say you remember this awesome event/house! I thought it was a beautiful house and Cody did a great job decorating. Thanks for working so hard to decorate for the event, Cody!

While attending, I also got to talk with some awesome friends! This is one main thing that I love about events in the community, being able to talk to friends and being able to meet them in-game for the first time. Shortly after talking to everyone, I watched Alex Thunderstaff's stream where he streamed the tournament and gave away codes to the viewers! I didn't accept any codes, but I was wishing I could view his house in person! It's crazy, but Alex also had an amazingly decorated house. I loved the PvP ring AND the Rainbow. The music scroll in that second place he streamed really set the theme. I enjoyed the stream and thought Alex did a great job as well. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to leave early. I want to thank Duelist101 for the hard work they put into bringing the community together. I enjoyed your event and can't wait to attend/watch your next one. 

They look nice snowmen, but are they really?

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