October 6, 2017

Halloween Run Guide Contest

Hello Wizards!

The Halloween Run is quickly approaching! We're working hard to make this event a lot of fun! Today I'm proud to announce that we're starting the first of our contests - from one of our amazing hosts, Autumn Dreamwalker. We'll be having a Halloween Run Guide Contest! Keep reading for more information.

Halloween Run Guide Contest

List Every Area In Order: Watch the Halloween Run Guide Video (above). In order, list every area that we travel to in the Halloween Run Guide. There will be areas that appear two or three times. Please list every area - Example: We start in Nightside and end in the Death Tower. 

Send An Email Of List: You can send that complete list to Autumn Dreamwalker's email with the Subject "Halloween Run Guide Contest" and your wizard's name. You can send the list to the email that is listed below:


One Winner Will Recieve
Spooky Carnival Bundle

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