October 21, 2017

Halloween Run Pre-Party!

Hello Wizards!

We officially have ONE MORE WEEK until the Halloween Run. Today, I decided to announce a special stream/party that we'll be having to show our excitement for next week's event. I haven't announced this everywhere, but I hope you're able to attend this fun little party.

I hope you're able to show up. Port Wizards are not required to show up since this is not the Official Halloween Run. I am seriously looking forward to seeing everyone and I'm prepared to have a much larger audience in the streams than recent streams. We're still working hard on next Saturday's event. I'm not a professional streamer and will be streaming for fun! I love the Wizard101 community and want to bring a more family-friendly experience back to the community as it once was when I joined. Plus lots of prizes and activities! So enough about next week, I hope you're able to join the stream tonight. If you have any questions about the Halloween Run, you can join YouTube Chat. Be family-friendly or you will be banned from chat! 

I mean how cool is the Spooky Carnival Bundle?!

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