October 31, 2017

Halloween Run 2017 Recap

Hello Wizards!

I want to start this post off by thanking all of you for your support! It means more than you know, but most of all, I'm glad you support the community - and every event that occurred this past week. On Saturday, we were able to have our very own Halloween event, the 2nd Annual Halloween Run. This event was different than our past events because it was our very first time streaming a major event!

This event started out around 4:00 am in the morning with a few awesome wizards excited for the fun that the day would bring us all. I wasn't planning on logging in so early and staying, but I had to stay and talk to everyone - as I usually do. My main goal for these events is to bring people together to make new friends in the community. I've made many new great friends from these events, and I hope you have as well. So around 11:00 am, we had a slightly confusing Nightmare Before Christmas Run! I was planning on streaming but had technical difficulties. Everyone was patient with me to create a new stream that would begin later in the evening.

As we were waiting to stream, everyone in my area was taking group pictures! I was multitasking, but I am glad I was able to get a few pictures, like the one above. It was nice talking to everyone, even though I was extremely busy earlier in the morning. After a long wait, the stream finally began around 1:00 pm CST! Autumn Dreamwalker and I were extremely nervous, but as we got started, that nervousness soon disappeared (well later on it reappeared, but only because of a special interview I had with someone extremely awesome in the community). 

Activities Galore

After our introductions and background of the Halloween Run, we began talking contests and activities! We first went to the Ravenwood Halloween Towers, where we went through each of the three towers. This was a lot of fun and well, Y'all got to see me use many victory heals! After the towers, we had a Lord Nightshade farming activity with Fallon Fireblade. Fallon joined the discord after #FamousAutumn had to take a leave for a bit. I was hoping the entire time I'd win something on the stream, but was unable to do so! Nightshade is rude, but I don't think he liked that high-level wizards were hitting him with strong spells. Maybe that's why he didn't drop anything! It was still a lot of fun! We had many more activities that I won't mention on this post and will just direct you to watch the Stream (video above). The activities were a test and it seems to have gone well, so I'll be including more fun activities for future events. 

Major Contests

As many of you already know, the Halloween Run was full of contests. I believe prizes were valued well over $600 (including codes that we bought and codes are given to us from our awesome community manager - who also attended for nearly 45 minutes! We know how busy Tom is and this was amazing that he took time out of his day to attend. Thank you, Tom! It really meant a lot to all of us that you attended and also gave us 60 additional codes to giveaway during the stream. His codes + all other codes are given away were most likely the largest contests to take place in this community since the Diary of a Wizard events. We're not bragging, but that's the last time I remember so many prizes being given away to the community. At the time of the Diary of a Wizard events, prizes were garnered up from all fansites and given away to the community - and those were the largest events + amount of prizes to be given away from any fansite or any event. We would never compete with anyone, especially DOAW. Afterall, DOAW is one of the main reasons we have these events in the first place. 

An Interview

I also had an interview with an amazing community leader that I've looked up to since 2009! It's crazy thinking that 8 years ago I listened to the first few episodes of Ravenwood Radio and was able to interview Stephen Spiritcaller (owner of Ravenwood Radio - which is now SpiralRadio101). It was nice to introduce someone who inspired me to have events to the new members of this community. This amazing podcast is run by Stephen Spiritcaller and Christina Icedreamer (aka Icywiz). Icy wasn't able to join us for the stream, but I want to shout her out as well for the good things that she's done for this community for many years! I am proud of Stephen and Icy for bringing the community together for so many years. Thank you again, Steve, for the interview - even though I was nervous. I mean, you're awesome! I hope you all watch the next episode of Spiral Radio:

Spiral Radio airs every Wednesday at 8:45 pm CST on Twitch


The Run began at 6:00 pm CST! It was very exciting to have everyone start the run. However, my game crashed many times due to the lag! I don't think I had this issue last year, but it seems more people were allowed into one area than last year. It was great to have so many wizards join us. I loved that we were able to get everyone together once more for the event. It was nice to have everyone to join us for this year's Halloween Run. We will have another one next year! We'll always do this for you, the community. Thank you for your support! I would also like to thank our amazing hosts, moderators and port wizards who helped make this event happen. Without all of you, this would have never happened. Thank you for your hard work to bring this community together once more. I promise we'll have events like this for years, without any competition. Thank you all for reading this year's Halloween Run Recap Post. I wish you all the very best AND safe Halloween! Happy Halloween.

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