October 15, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday, Pirate101!

Ahoy Pirates!

I know it's crazy, but today is actually Pirate101's 5th Birthday! Time is flying by! I can't believe it was five years ago when Kingsisle first let pirates venture Skull Island. I remember standing with other Beta Players waiting for everyone to show up as the time neared - as we had a One Week Headstart. It was amazing to see so many people wanting to try out Kingsisle's newest game, at the time!

The year 2012 doesn't seem like it was that long ago because of how fast time seems to be flying. I really do enjoy my time here so much in the community and I think that's why it flys by so fast! 2012 once was a modern time and now even that year is becoming an old year. I never thought I'd have a nostalgic feeling about this year, but today I do. I'm sure I'll have a nostalgic feeling about this year as well in the year 2023. If you're reading from that time, Hello from 2017! :D

Pirate101 will always hold a special place in my heart! It really brought me closer to the community than I thought it ever would. I love this game and I'm glad Kingsisle is spending more time on it again. I look forward to many more years of Pirate101. If you haven't tried this amazing game out, you should. Some might say, oh it's not Wizard101, and it's not. It's Pirate101! Never judge a book by its cover, you might be surprised if you don't. Thank you, Kingsisle, for so many wonderful memories! I wish you a very Happy 5th Birth-O-Ween! 

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