October 3, 2017

I Love The Wizard101 Halloween Quests

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday, Kingsisle added the Halloween quests back to the game. I've always loved the beginner Halloween Quests because they're so nostalgic. This year marks my 9th Halloween with Wizard101. That means I've quested through these quests for nine different Halloweens. Time sure does fly by!

I know we have new quests, but the quests that have been here since the beginning have been my very favorite quests in this game. I'm sure many others feel the same way that I do. As I mentioned above, I quest through these quests nine different times, but they'll never get old. I remember the first time I quested through back in 2009 when I knew this game was the best game ever! Yeah, I still believe that (but we have to add Pirate101 to the list now).

These are all equally amazing quests, from the Ghosts to the Pumpkins to the Apple Bobbing. My favorite has always been the Pumpkins, though! I mean, have you ever listened to the narrator when you trick-or-treat for the pumpkins? It's awesome. Give it a listen! I've actually memorized all of the lines over these past few years! Today many want new things constantly, but for me, these quests along with many other not so new things will have a close place in my heart. Thank you, KI, for so many wonderful memories. Here's to new wonderful memories with the recently added Halloween quests.. which I'll probably quest through, tomorrow evening. Hmmm!

This carpet does not like me... Aladdin, you're ruining my plans to take over Wizard City!

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