October 19, 2017

Wizard101: Test Realm Live with Empyrea!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful day. It might be a Wednesday, but it seems like many wizards across the spiral are having a great time. Why? Well, Kingsisle released the Test Realm for all of us wizards to test. If you have purchased Crowns or a Membership in the past month, you'll be able to test the new upcoming update, Empyrea Part One!

Empyrea Part One increases the Level Cap to 125, with a new Shadow Spell (The Shadow Trixter), Updated Crafting, New Member Benefits, Increased Backpack Space - which you can buy from the Crowns Shop, Castle Magic, new companions, and so much more! My favorite part of this update so far is the very beginning, the Great Sky Ark aka for us Star Trek AND Star Wars Fans, the Enterprise! I had to record a video and so that I could post it to this blog post.

I would like to thank Kingsisle for all of their hard work in creating this amazing update. I look forward to questing through this world when it's released to the live realm. If you would like to access the Test Realm Update Notes, including the Official Test Realm Schedule, click anywhere on the image below. Don't forget to report those bugs so it's near perfect when it's released to the live realm!

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