December 14, 2017

Sleigh Ride

Hi there!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday. I can't believe that tomorrow is the Santa Run. We've been preparing for the event, especially now that I'm out of school. I hope you all are able to make it tomorrow! Here's today's Christmas song: "Sleigh Ride" by the Ronettes.


December 13, 2017

Santa Run Q&A Contest (#SantaRunQA)

Hi there!

I hope you all are looking forward to the Santa Run on Friday. I wanted to announce a new contest that Autumn Dreamwalker and I thought for the Santa Run Stream. Keep reading for more contest information:

Santa Run QA Contest

Use the Hashtag #SantaRunQA on a new Tweet on Twitter. Tweet a question using this hashtag. You can ask both of us anything about KI Games or Christmas. Here's an example below (do not use)

#SantaRunQA: How is Autumn Dreamwalker so famous? 

Prizes & Stream: We will answer the best questions on the stream and after DM you random codes (ranging from Random Wizard101 Holiday items to Crowns). Please use this hashtag starting TODAY through FRIDAY at 10:00 am CST. 

Official Stream Begins on Friday at 12:00 pm CST

All I Want For Christmas Is You!

Hi there!

Now that I'm caught up with Christmas songs, I wanted to share an all-time favorite Christmas song that I thought I shared earlier in the month. Mariah is extremely talented and this is an amazing Christmas song that many people across the world love. I hope you love it as much as I do! "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey.

One Child


Here is the second song of the day (for December 12th). This one is very close to my heart and I love Mariah Carey's music! Here is "One Child" by Mariah Carey.

Carol Of The Bells

Hi there!

I've missed two days of Christmas Songs?! Say What?! Well, I'll be honest. I was busy with Finals. I am proud to announce that my Finals are nearly over. This means I have time to make my posts again and prepare a bit more for the Santa Run. Yup! Promoting it here too. Okay, not really promotion. I'm just super excited to talk to you all in the game again. Anyways, here is one song that I missed - "Carol of the Bells" by The Carpenters.

December 10, 2017


Hi there!

I just got through typing up an Essay and finishing up a Programming Project. Wow! I am making progress, but I am ready for these finals to be over with. I only have two days left. Speaking of days.. Two weeks from tomorrow is CHRISTMAS! I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday season. Remember what is most important and always appreciate what you have. This is truly my favorite time of the year. Now, I am going to go enjoy me a cup of hot chocolate. Have a wonderful evening, all. Here is "Skating" by Vince Guaraldi Trio.

December 9, 2017

We Three Kings

Hi there!

Here is my second song of the day, since I wasn't able to publish a song yesterday. Today's song represents what I believe Christmas is really for, other than family & friends! Today I was able to attend a Live Nativity Scene which was a lot of fun. I got to see different scenes - from the Nativity Scene, to even Christmas Carolers. One scene, The Three Kings, stuck out to me! I knew it would be the song for tonight.

I can't tell you how much fun it was to view this nativity scene. I truly appreciate everything that my town and its citizens do for those who do believe. I hope these traditions continue for a very long time! Thank you all for reading this short blog post - and I'm sure they don't mind me posting this on my blog. Afterall, there were many thousands recording/taking pictures as well. Here is "We Three Kings" by Robert Shaw Chorale.

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Little Drummer Boy

Hi there!

I apologize for not posting a song yesterday. I was extremely tired, so today I decided to post two different posts with two amazing songs. Here's my first one "Little Drummer Boy"

December 8, 2017

Santa Run 2017: Friday, December 15th

Hello Wizards!

On Friday, December 15th we'll have our 3rd Annual Santa Run! This year we have a lot planned, so I hope you're able to join us for this fun, family-friendly event. We will be streaming this entire event on Twitch ( Keep reading for more information:

12:00 pm CST                 Twitch Stream Begins 
12:30 pm CST          Dance Party Around Pond
1:00 pm CST                          Krampus Farming 
1:30 pm CST                       Christmas Caroling
2:00 pm CST                               It's a Surprise!
2:30 pm CST                                    Raid Arena
3:00 pm CST                          Another Surprise!
4:30 pm CST                   Santa Run Countdown
5:00 pm CST                                 SANTA RUN
5:30 pm CST                                        Afterparty

Santa Run Hosts
Edward Lifegem
Autumn Dreamwalker
Michael Wildflame
Kaitlyn Soulrider

December 7, 2017

12 Days of the Spiral - 2017

Hello Wizards!

Today, Kingsisle announced their first giveaway for 12 Days of Christmas. From now until the end of the day on December 20th, you can redeem the code "TISTHESEASON" on the Wizard101 or Pirate101 website to win the prizes listed below.

Yuletide Pack
Krampus Wooden Skeleton Key

Tribal Crew Pack

I really do love this time of year and thank Kingsisle for having special promotions like this during the Christmas season! We appreciate everything you do for your players, Kingsisle. Thank you for everything and I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas, Kingsisle! I wonder what they have planned for tomorrow? Hmm, I guess we'll just have to see. I will t post about every 12 days of the Spiral promotion here on Around The Spiral. Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you around the spiral. 

Where Are You Christmas?

Hi there!

I hope you're having a wonderful week! Today is the 7th Day of December and I've finally started celebrating Christmas. Well, I have watched a few Christmas movies, but today I was able to walk down the main street in my town and view different shops that were all decorated for Christmas. I really do love my town because they express the true meaning of Christmas - the Birth of Jesus Christ. I really did love viewing these windows. I might upload a few videos that I took on Instagram or Twitter. It was very beautiful! Anyway, before I forget...! Here is "Where Are You Christmas?" by Faith Hill!

December 6, 2017

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Hi there!

I hope you're having a wonderful week so far. I've been super busy, well not too busy yesterday, I procrastinated most of the day! My plans are to not procrastinate today and get something done so I can be here and watch more Christmas movies more often. Tomorrow is my last day of classes so I will have a lot more time to make posts and stuff - even though I'm finishing up finals (which I've been nervous about - but have gotten A's on major assignments). I am glad the semester is just about over. I am so ready for Christmas, especially after listening to this amazing song. "Do You Hear What I Hear?" by Bing Crosby. It's really an amazing song that, in my opinion, sings about the true meaning of Christmas.

December 5, 2017

Last Christmas

Hi there!

Wow, I almost forgot that I had to post a Christmas song today. Today was strange, but even with the strangeness of the Twilight Zone, I always look forward to posting Christmas songs here on my website. I really do love December and Christmas music! I hope you all are having an amazing week. I am so ready for my Christmas Break (which means more blog posts and streams - woohoo). Okay, I should get going for now. I hope you had an amazing Tuesday / 5th of December! Here is "Last Christmas" by the late Wham!

December 4, 2017

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

Hi there!

I hope you're ready for an amazing week. It is Monday, but that doesn't mean we can't make the week amazing but reminding ourselves that no matter what happens, there will always be one great day that we can look forward to. I have Finals this week, but I'm reminding myself that Christmas is coming up! We now only have 21 days (3 weeks) until Christmas Day! So exciting! Well, I should get going, because I really need to start working on studying. Here's my all-time favorite Christmas song, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" by Kenny G!

December 3, 2017

Step Into Christmas!

Hi there!

It's Sunday! Okay, Sundays are not too exciting, well at least for me because I have to finish an essay. However, I've been in the Christmas mood lately! Last night, I set up a Nativity Scene in my yard and as of late I've been listening to a lot of Christmas music. I'll most likely listen to more while I'm writing the rest of my essay. The good thing is that I can type fast and if I try hard enough this morning, I could finish it before afternoon. We shall see! Well, we will once I stop procrastinating! Here's another favorite Christmas song, "Step Into Christmas" by Elton John.

December 2, 2017

Santa Run Pre-Party Stream!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday. Over the past few days, I've been celebrating a few of my favorite Christmas traditions such as getting a Christmas Tree, posting Christmas music here on my blog and of course preparing for this month's Santa Run. It has all been a lot of fun. While I still don't have the official Santa Run post published, I really wanted to publish this post first! I was thinking we could get together for a fun Santa Run Pre-Party!

Friday, December 8th at 
5:00 pm CST / 6:00 pm EST

The Commons, Greyrose Realm


This is not the Official Santa Run, as that will take place on Friday, December 15th. I hope you all join us for this Pre-Party event. We love bringing everyone together and you never know what we'll do. The fun part about events like these is that you never know what fun we'll have during them. I hope you all join us for this special event. I also hope you have marked the date of the Official Santa Run! You can read more about that event by looking at the image below. Merry Christmas!

Wonderful Christmastime!

Hi there!

I hope you're having a wonderful start of December. Yesterday I announced that I will be posting my favorite Christmas songs here on my website for 25 days this month. Why? Well, this is actually my sixth year doing this and it really puts me in the Christmas spirit! I really am crazy for Christmas! Anyways, here is "Wonderful Christmastime" by Paul McCartney. I hope you have a wonderful Christmastime!

December 1, 2017

Santa Run Guide Contest

Hello Wizards!

It's December! I hope you're looking forward to Christmas and our upcoming Wizard101 event, The Santa Run. This event will take place on Friday, December 15th at 5:00 pm CST in The Commons, Greyrose Realm. We're in the process of preparing the fun for you all by getting contests together and activities that will take place on the stream. Today, Autumn Dreamwalker, let me know that she wanted to give away another bundle for a SR Contest! Keep reading for more information:

Santa Run Guide Contest

List Every Area In Order: You can enter this contest by writing down a list of every area we visit (this includes inside buildings where we run in the video). Example: We START in the Commons and END in the Commons. Your job is to list every area we enter in this video in order. 

Email Your List: After you write down your list of areas, you can send that list to Autumn Dreamwalker's email which has been provided below. Please provide your wizard's name and level in the body of the paragraph. You may only enter your list in this contest one time.


 "Santa Run Guide Contest"

One Winner Will Recieve
Empyrean Castaway's Bundle
Contest ENDS on December 15th

Spread the word about this family-friendly event!

Christmas 2017 - Wonderful Dream

Hi there!

Merry Christmas! It is so nice to say that. I can't believe it's finally December again. I really do love this time of year and I'm looking forward to this Christmas more than any past Christmas Season. Why? Well, it is the most wonderful time of the year. It's truly an amazing time of the year where people can get together with their families & friends and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. For me, the true meaning of Christmas is the Birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Christmas is celebrated by many people and whether it's for the same reason as my reason or not, it's always about LOVE. This world needs a lot of love right now, it's much needed. I believe Christmas is a strong reminder of what love is and what we need to have and spread to everyone. I am very excited that this wonderful reminder is here once more for everyone. This Christmas Season, remember to be thankful for what you have and spread love to everyone, especially for those who need it. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and I'm looking forward to showing you all my favorite Christmas songs over the next 25 days. Here is my first favorite song, Wonderful Dream, by Melanie Thornton!