December 19, 2017

Christmas Events Galore - Recap

Hi there!

I hope you're having a wonderful week. Lately, I've been more involved in the community, even when I'm extremely tired. I've tried to attend as many events as possible to show my support for all events in this wonderful community. I love that so many amazing people bring the community together past our differences to remember that we're one community. Here are a few Holiday events that I had the chance to attend during the weekend.

Austin Stars' Shooting Star Charity Stream

This event was hosted by Austin Stars. This event was a fun, family-friendly event for the community. Everyone was asked to donate to the Toys for Tots Charity throughout the stream. I really love the difference that our community is making by having events like this. Austin did a great job bringing everyone together for a tour of his amazing Christmas Hotel, maze, hide and seek, and PvP. It was also fun to watch his stream where he announced his giveaway for four $10 Wizard101 Gift Cards and a lot of fun. Thank you, Austin for bringing the community together and I hope to see you having another event/stream soon! 

Austin's Twitch

Chris Hamptons' Dawn of the Wizards Christmas Party

The Facebook Community has many groups related to Wizard101. In these groups you can post about Wizard101 - whether you need help, promoting an event or even promoting Kingsisle News. One family-friendly Facebook group that I love is Dawn of the Wizards. They had a Christmas Party at their houses where we could interact with amazing people from the group and the leaders of the group. I love events like these and appreciate that the Facebook community is also brought together! I brought my balance wizard on my second account to this event. A Major thank you to Dawn of the Wizards for bringing wizards together once more. Can't wait until next year!

Dawn of the Wizards Facebook Page

Duelist101's Christmas Clash 2017

Duelist101, an amazing Wizard101 Fansite, hosted a Christmas Party during the weekend as well! This event brought many out of the PvP community together to enjoy some family-friendly PvP/Tournaments. Duelist101's Alex Thunderstaff streamed the entire event! We're very lucky to have such an amazing community across the board bring everyone together for some family-friendly fun. Thank you to Alex and all of the Duelist101 Staff for putting it together. I was there a bit on my life wizard but switched to my balance wizard to take some screenshots (which I thought I took but I didn't). Thanks again for your hard work as well to bring the community together.

Alex Thunderstaff's Twitch

Kevin The Noob - I think he was too busy to say hello - as he was teleporting everyone!

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