December 8, 2017

Santa Run 2017: Friday, December 15th

Hello Wizards!

On Friday, December 15th we'll have our 3rd Annual Santa Run! This year we have a lot planned, so I hope you're able to join us for this fun, family-friendly event. We will be streaming this entire event on Twitch ( Keep reading for more information:

12:00 pm CST                 Twitch Stream Begins 
12:30 pm CST          Dance Party Around Pond
1:00 pm CST                          Krampus Farming 
1:30 pm CST                       Christmas Caroling
2:00 pm CST                               It's a Surprise!
2:30 pm CST                                    Raid Arena
3:00 pm CST                          Another Surprise!
4:30 pm CST                   Santa Run Countdown
5:00 pm CST                                 SANTA RUN
5:30 pm CST                                        Afterparty

Santa Run Hosts
Edward Lifegem
Autumn Dreamwalker
Michael Wildflame
Kaitlyn Soulrider

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