December 18, 2017

Santa Run 2017 Recap

Hello Wizards!

I want to thank all of you for attending last week's Santa Run! This year, we decided to switch things around and have the event on a Friday. Not everybody was able to attend the run due to timing, but overall, it was a lot of fun! Here is my recap of this year's Santa Run:

Twitch Stream - Guide For Future Events

Autumn Dreamwalker and I started streaming the event at 12:00 pm CST on our Twitch account, EdwardLifegem. We started out answering any questions anybody had about the Santa Run so we could start off without too much confusion. I am glad I promoted the Twitch Account more so everyone knew where to go. The plan is to stream all events on that account from now on so everyone knows what to do. I would like to thank everyone for following my Twitch account and for those wondering where you could find it, you can click this link below:

Spotify - Christmas Caroling Galore

My favorite part of the event was definitely the Christmas Caroling! The amazing thing is that people we caroled for also loved it. These amazing people clapped, danced and even sang along with us. The amazing thing is that they sang with us because Christmas is in exactly one week. I wonder if they'll sing with us when we do the same thing in July? I guess we're just gonna have to see what happens! "Hot Chocolate" by Tom Hanks will be the very first song we play in July for the Christmas in July Santa Run!

Our Community Manager - Amazing Prizes

As many of you know, we had many prizes at the Santa Run - whether it was in the stream or in the game. Thanks all for not begging for prizes and enjoying the event for the meaning of bringing everyone together. To add, many of the codes that were given away were from our awesome community manager, Tom Purdue. I wanted to add a section of the post to thank Tom for all of his hard work making the community an amazing place. Also a huge thank you for making the event family-friendly! I am so glad that Tom and Kingsisle interact so much with the community. We'll continue to work with Kingsisle to make our events family-friendly and amazing. Thank you so much, Tom & Kingsisle! 

Santa Run - Amazing YouTube Videos

We streamed the Santa Run on Twitch (and currently I have no idea how to add videos of events) so we wouldn't have had any videos from this event without amazing YouTubers out there that recorded the run. I hope you all subscribe and give a thumbs up on these videos! They spent the time to attend, record and edit these amazing videos - and it really does mean a lot to me. Thank you so much! If you would like to access their channels, please scroll over and click their names below:

A Special Thank You - Bunny Run Announcement

Thank you so much for attending this year's Santa Run! I have to say that this was by far my favorite event to host out of all of the events I've hosted. It really put me in the Christmas spirit and I have to say that it will be an event I remember forever. It was nice having all of you there and the main purpose has been and always will be to bring the community together. I would also like to thank our amazing hosts: Autumn Dreamwalker, Kaitlyn Soulrider, Gabby, Michael Wildflame, Weasley, and Sarah Skystrider for helping put the event together. Now, it's time to improve from these events for events next year. This next large upcoming event is the Bunny Run of 2018. I hope you're ready for this. This year we will be streaming the event on Twitch as well. I think I should give you the Official Date of this year's Bunny Run. I will not really promote it until February, but I thought I'd give a teaser:

Bunny Run 2018
Saturday, March 24th, 2018
The Commons, Unicorn Realm
More Information TBA Next Year

Now that you have some information about next year's Bunny Run. I hope to make this the best event yet! It'll be tough because the Santa Run was amazing. I'll come up with some ideas for these next few months. I hope you all are looking forward to an amazing 2018 because trust me, it will be amazing! Until then, I'm going to enjoy myself a nice cup of hot chocolate and watch some Christmas movies - all week. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  Thank you all for reading and for attending the Santa Run. 

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