December 1, 2017

Santa Run Guide Contest

Hello Wizards!

It's December! I hope you're looking forward to Christmas and our upcoming Wizard101 event, The Santa Run. This event will take place on Friday, December 15th at 5:00 pm CST in The Commons, Greyrose Realm. We're in the process of preparing the fun for you all by getting contests together and activities that will take place on the stream. Today, Autumn Dreamwalker, let me know that she wanted to give away another bundle for a SR Contest! Keep reading for more information:

Santa Run Guide Contest

List Every Area In Order: You can enter this contest by writing down a list of every area we visit (this includes inside buildings where we run in the video). Example: We START in the Commons and END in the Commons. Your job is to list every area we enter in this video in order. 

Email Your List: After you write down your list of areas, you can send that list to Autumn Dreamwalker's email which has been provided below. Please provide your wizard's name and level in the body of the paragraph. You may only enter your list in this contest one time.


 "Santa Run Guide Contest"

One Winner Will Recieve
Empyrean Castaway's Bundle
Contest ENDS on December 15th

Spread the word about this family-friendly event!

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