May 20, 2018

The Importance Of Event Posts

Hi there!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Today I thought I'd make a new blog post talking about the importance of reading event posts. I usually make these type of posts a few weeks or possibly months before an event. I make these type of posts so you know what to do before an event - which in return makes the event less confusing. Today, I'm going to talk about a few highlights of these event posts that you should pay close attention to.

Reading the Activities section is very important because it describes what we'll be doing throughout the event day. If there are any activities, they'll be listed on the event post. The Twitch Link where we'll be streaming will also be provided. Streaming on Twitch has helped solve a lot of confusion as well. Please read the activities section before the day of the event so you're not confused about what we're going to do throughout the day.

The Video Guide 
We have video guides for our Run Events. If you watch the video posted on the website before the event, you'll know where to run during our events. Please watch this guide before the event day. You may have noticed that we also have contests surrounding this guide, so do enter those contests as well. This will help you out a lot on the day of the event.

Important Links 
One last section that we have in our event posts are the Important Links tab. If you scroll over these hyperlinks, they'll light up. You can click on them to access other important pages. This is also an important section of an event post. If you have any questions about events, you can click on the Contact Me link on future event posts. I hope to see you at one of our Summer Events! Until next time, I'll see you around the Spiral.

May 19, 2018

Dark Fairy Takeover 2018 Recap

Hello Wizards!

Today I was able to hang out with the community on my first day of Summer vacation! Last year, we had a Dark Fairy Takeover and I thought it would be awesome to have it once again this year. We started this event earlier this afternoon with our Dark Fairy Transformations. We flew around the commons, said hello to a few people in the Arena, and even defeated a few dark fairies. Although this was a simple event, it really makes me look forward to our Summer events. Thank you all so much for supporting us. I hope to see you at our next event, The Patriotic March, next month! Until then, here's a great recap video of the Dark Fairy Takeover from WhiteTiger93:

May 15, 2018

Wizard101's 10th Anniversary: Part One

Hello Wizards!

Our community manager, Tom Purdue, and Executive Producer of Wizard101 & Pirate101, Leah Ruben, released a Wizard101 10th Anniversary Video today! This video shows how much Wizard101 has grown since September of 2008. If you're interested in watching this very nostalgic video, just click on the play button below:

Dark Fairy Takeover: Saturday

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful week! Today, I want to make a post to let you know about an upcoming event that will take place this week, the Dark Fairy Takeover. Some of you may remember our event from last year. I'd love to see how many Dark Fairies we can get into the commons at one time. If you're interested in attending this event, please keep reading this blog post:

THIS SATURDAY - MAY 19th, 2018
1:00 pm CDT / 2:00 pm EDT

The Commons, Pixie Realm 

Twitch Stream

You can buy a Dark Fairy Transformation from the Crowns Shop for 75 Crowns and/or 500 Gold. Try to save enough where you can buy a few, especially if you arrive early. Let's see how many dark fairies we can get to take over Wizard City. Please keep this event family-friendly. I'll also be streaming this event if you would like to watch. Click on the link above to access my Twitch Channel. I hope to see you at the event. Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral. 

May 10, 2018

Happy 8th Birthday,!

Hi there!

I am proud to announce that today is this website's 8th Birthday. I made this website 8 years ago today to make blog posts about Wizard101. Since then, I've attended events such as the Diary of a Wizard events, had interviews, made posts about online safety, became a Pirate101 Fansite owner, and even started hosting events. Since 2010, I've made it a priority to bring more people in the community together using this website. These past 8 years have been a great experience!

As a backstory, I created this website on May 10th, 2010 with a good friend, Mary Dreamshade. We created our websites because we were inspired by many of the great Fansite owners - one of them being The Friendly Necromancer aka our community manager, Tom Purdue! The Friendly Necromancer, Ravenwood Radio, Diary of a Wizard & many other great fansites were fine examples of community leaders at that time. I was inspired by them to be a friend to those who needed a friend. 

Back in 2008, two years before the creation of my website, I had personal issues such as anxiety and depression due to a loss of close family members. I had these issues and didn't really care much about keeping friends, making new friends, or really much at all. This was until I joined Wizard101 after watching viewing an advertisement on television on July 4th, 2009. This was the date I decided to join Wizard101. 

Since joining Wizard101, my anxiety and depression have virtually disappeared, made a lot of great friends, chose a career path, and more. Now, not everything is perfect, but I am so glad I decided to move forward. I've been asked many times why I still play Wizard101 & make blog posts about it. The reason is to pass it forward just as the old community leaders have done for me when I joined during a tough time in my life. I want to help others who may be going through the same thing. This website has been used for 8 years to do just that. 

The Future Of This Website
The future is looking bright! I have a lot of plans for this website. One of these plans is to starting making blog posts again. I've been behind on my blog posts for a few years now. I miss making blog posts like I did during my first few years of blogging. I hope to make that type of return soon! I think it would be great to have more interviews, questing posts, and of course event posts. Speak of events.

We started streaming events last year to improve the quality of the events that we have. So far, it's been a success! We are always working hard to improve these events - and we do improve upon each event as we go. Compared to our first event, I'd say we've improved our events so much that even I don't mind boasting about the events - that's saying a lot because I don't like boasting! They have been great and I look forward to improving them. The purpose of these events will always be about bringing people together, but they'll never be about how many attend. I look forward to making many more event posts over the next who knows how many years.

I have a lot more planned and I hope you stick by to see these goals. I will continue making blog posts for years to come! A lot of you have stuck by me during tough times since the beginning and I am grateful for that. Thank you for all of your support. I look forward to making a difference in this community. Although I'm not a conventional fansite owner, I do care a lot about this community. I've stayed with y'all for over eight years (even before my website). I will continue staying here to try to make a positive difference in this community. Thank you for allowing me to do that! 

Thank You For Your Support

Your support over these past eight years has meant a lot to me. I thank you for your support whether you just now started supporting me or supported me for eight years. I also want to thank Kingsisle for giving me a chance to share news about this website and our events. I am also grateful for their support! Here's to many more years of Wizard101, Pirate101, Kingsisle, this community and to! Let's continue making a positive difference together!

Read Previous May 10th (Bloggerversary) Posts

Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

April 8, 2018

Future Events - What Would You Like To See?

Hi there!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. The past week has been somewhat busy since I'm nearing the end of the semester. I have however been able to make more posts as of late since homework is settling down. Today, I wanted to ask everyone an important question about events. What would you like to see at events in the future?

We try to improve events as we have them. We look at the small mistakes we make at previous events and then find ways to not only fix those mistakes but make something even better. During the first few events early last year, we didn't have activities. Everyone waited for many hours up until our main event. Last Halloween we decided to add activities & streaming. Activities helped to make it a lot more fun to wait for the main activity and streaming helped provide an understanding of the event. Both reduced the amount of confusion for events - however, we're still promoting that we now stream these events. 

Our main goal will always be to bring the community closer together. The future is looking bright and I hope all of you are able to join us on this awesome journey. We're always open to ideas for improvement. Remember to let us know if you think we should add or remove something. Your support (that includes advice) means a lot to us. Well, I should get going because I have homework to do. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. 

April 5, 2018

Fansite Festival - Sunday, April 15th: Autumn & Edward

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're excited about the upcoming Fansite Festival. The Fansite Festival is an annual event organized by @SheldonCentral. There is an entire day full of awesome activities put on by the Fansites of this community for both Wizard101 and Pirate101. We'll be throwing a Pirate101 event this year. Keep reading for more information not only about our event but other events that will take place!

Sunday, April 15th 
at 1:00 pm CDT / 2:00 pm EDT 

Avery's Office 
One Eyed Jack Realm


More Information
This year Autumn and I will be having a Pirate101 event where we all create new pirates and quest throughout the free areas in Pirate101. Shortly after, we'll do our very own NXP event in Skull Island. Will you join us to try our this amazing game? I hope you can join us! You will not need a membership to join this event, as we'll be questing and sinking ships in free areas in Pirate101. Try to create your pirate before the event - but remember not to quest without us! Hope you're able to see us (Silly Edward & Silly Autumn - our new pirate names) at this event. Here are a few steps you can do before you attend this event:

 Step 1
 Create a New Pirate on the Pirate101 Website

Step 2 
Watch The Stream on April 15th at 1:00 pm CDT

I hope you will also check out all of the other activities that will take place on the Fansite Festival Day! There are many Wizard101 and Pirate101 events that'll take place by other amazing hosts. Please check out more information by visiting ( or you can follow the Official Fansite Festival Twitter ( 

April 4, 2018

Bunny Run 2018: Recap!

Hello Wizards!

I hope all of you had an amazing Easter. We've been super busy lately, but I finally got around to making this post. The Bunny Run was an amazing event for many different reasons. The main reason was being able to bring the community together. Now, let's talk about a few highlights of the 2018 Bunny Run!

Early Morning
We logged on early in the morning to find early birds aka early bunnies standing around the commons to wait for the eventful day. We had a few dance parties and talked a bit about what we'd do later in the day. It is amazing to see that we have such dedicated wizards in this community that support events like this. I always look forward to talking to everyone who arrives early in the day (and a lot of those same people stay the entire day which is an amazing crazy - if there is such a thing). 

Activities Galore - Stream Started At 12:00 pm CDT
There were a lot of great people who enjoyed the activities that we threw for this event. A few of which were activities, unlike anything that has been done before. We started streaming around Noon that day. We had a Dance Party, Hide & Seek, a Mega Contest, Farmed Nightshade, had a Butterfly Swarm, & Egg Derby for our activities before our main event. We usually didn't have activities of this magnitude for events before October, but it was a change that we wanted to make the events more interactive and fun for everyone.Our awesome community manager gave us a code to giveaway to everyone where everyone could use a Butterfly Swarm Mount and we raided different areas with our butterfly mounts and also took pictures of all of the butterflies. You can view an amazing gif made by Iridian Willowglen below of all of us in the commons using these mounts. 

              Use the code "bunnyrun2018" for a free 1-Day Butterfly Swarm Mount

The Bunny Run 
We started running around Wizard City following our Bunny Run Guide which we usually to guide everyone where to go so nobody gets lost. I feel everyone knew exactly where to run this year which was great! It's nice that everyone did watch the guide - as a future notice, be sure to watch the guides that we put out so you know where to run during these events. We also make blog posts that describe what exactly we're going to do during the day before the actual Run Event.

Afterparty - Kaitlyn, Michael & Sarah
After our Run event, we went to the Afterparty houses where our amazing Cohosts, Kaitlyn Soulrider, Michael Wildflame & Sarah Skystrider. Each of our hosts had their own activities at their houses. Kaitlyn had a Scavenger Hunt, Michael had Housing Games & PvP and Sarah had an amazing Maze! The awesome thing about each house was that prizes were given away - even packs that were made by our awesome community manager that had quite a few awesome prizes included. The Afterparties were great to attend for those who were not able to make it to our activities or the Bunny Run itself. Thank you to our amazing hosts for hosting great parties! The Bunny Run was a lot of fun! 

Amazing Recap Videos 

A Major Thank You - Holiday Mashup Event Announcement 
Thank you all for all of your support. I want to thank all of the amazing streamers that hosted our event on Twitch. You all are great and it's nice that the community stuck together to promote a family-friendly community event. I also want to thank our hosts, port wizards & moderators for their hard work for each event. They do a lot so please do thank them for the hard work that they put into these events. These wouldn't happen if it wasn't for them! Our community manager, Tom Purdue, also helped out a ton by providing amazing codes & support for this event. Thank you so much, Tom, for supporting these events. The last but certainly not least group of people I'd like to thank is YOU. Thank you for your support of these events. Whether you're able to attend or not, your support means the world to me.

We'll always continue bringing this community together for years to come. We'll also improve these events to make them the very best (meaning fun) that they can be. Speaking of events.... I think it's time to announce our next major event... The HOLIDAY MASHUP! What is this Holiday Mashup Event? It'll be something that you won't want to miss out on. We're going to work even harder on this event. We'll see you in July (maybe before if you attend other small events) at the Holiday Mashup. Keep an eye out because more information about this event will be provided over the next few months! Enjoy this wonderful graphic made by the one and only Autumn Dreamwalker:

March 18, 2018

St. Patrick's Day 2018 Event Recap

Hello Wizards!

I want to thank all of you for attending our St. Patrick's Day event/stream yesterday. We really appreciate that each and every one of you was able to make it - or take time out of your weekend to watch our stream. Your support means a lot to us. You can check out a video recap from WhiteTiger93 below and/or read our recap below.

This year, we decided to stream our St. Patrick's Day event for the very first time! I want to thank Tara Dawnbreaker, AnnaWizardly, and AussieThorn for hosting us on Twitch so that their viewers could come and check out what we were up to. I also want to thank Kyle Icewielder for promoting the event on his channel just before the event started! A major thank you to all who helped out. :) 

This event wasn't as planned out as our larger events (the Run events), but it was still fun. I had no idea that we'd have a turnout like this or we would have spent more time planning this one out. :D We truly appreciate the community's support. We had a few activities, such as a run around Ravenwood with our favorite green mounts and another Run with Earth Colossus transformations.

Shortly after, we teleported everyone to my Darkmoor Manor which was decorated in green to represent St. Patrick's Day. There were also Christmas & Halloween decorations, but maybe there's a special meaning behind all of this. Hmm, maybe we'll announce that next week during the Bunny Run! Speaking of the Bunny Run, that takes place Next Saturday and we'll also be streaming that event. We hope you're able to make it to that event because we've planned out a lot of fun for Y'all. Anyway, thank you all for attending this event and I hope to see you next week at the 3rd Annual Bunny Run!

March 17, 2018

Wizard101 Teaser: New Loadscreens

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Today, Kingsisle sent me, and other amazing fansite owners, teasers to show the community. They sent me a picture of a new Polaris load screen that will be added to the game. Please follow all of the other fansites this week for new teasers by clicking the link below.

March 8, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Event: Saturday, March 17th

Hi there!

Long time no talk! I hope all of you are doing well. I've been super busy preparing for the Bunny Run (Saturday, March 24th) and working on homework. Today, I finally have time to make a blog post about another upcoming event, St. Patrick's Day Event 2018. Keep reading for more information about this upcoming event:

Saturday, March 17th
3:00 pm CST / 4:00 pm EST
Ravenwood, Leprehcaun Realm 

This event will be a simple community event to bring everyone together just before the Bunny Run the following week. I hope you're able to make it to this event. If you attend, please dye your gear green! Also remember to have room on your friends list so that you're able to make it to the afterparty. If you're not able to attend, I hope to see you at the Bunny Run on Saturday, March 24th

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi there!

I want to wish all of you a very Happy Valentine's Day! Lately, I've been thinking about starting a Valentine's event one day in the future. I didn't have time to prepare for one this time around since I've been extremely busy, but I hope one Valentine's Day in the future. Now I think it's time to get back to eating Valentine's Day candy. ;)

February 9, 2018

Where Are You, Edward Lifegem?

Hi there!

I hope all of you are having an amazing February. Lately, I've been super busy with classes and a lot of other real life stuff. I will be around a lot more than the past few weeks to make new blog posts and share some adventures that I've had in game and updates for next month's Bunny Run!

Speaking of the Bunny Run, you should see contests being rolled out leading up to the day of the Bunny Run - Saturday, March 24th. On that day, we'll be streaming the event starting at 12:00 pm CST with activities leading up to the event. If you would like more information about this event, please click HERE. Be sure to spread the word to your friends about this event! We'll work hard to make it fun for all of the community. 

I look forward to making more posts throughout this month! I hope you're ready for amazing posts + contests. These next few months are going to be amazing. Thank you so much for your continued support this year. Your support means the world to us! Also.. if you get a chance, also check out our streams! We stream at random times, and we are always random! Anyway, I should get started working on homework (and Bunny Run stuff tonight) Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

January 24, 2018

Bunny Run 2018: TODAY

Hello Wizards!

We'll be hosting our 3rd Annual Bunny Run TODAY! We'll start streaming activities on Twitch at 12:00 pm CST leading up to the Official Bunny Run which takes place at 5:00 pm CST. Keep reading if you would like more information about this event.

12:00 pm CST - Twitch Stream Begins

12:30 pm CST - Bunny Dance Party
1:00 pm CST - Bunny Hop Raid
1:30 pm CST - Find That Bunny
2:00 pm CST - It's a Surprise!
2:30 pm CST - Farm For Outfits
3:00 pm CST - Another Surprise!
4:00 pm CST - Bunny Run Countdown
6:00 pm CST - Afterparties Begin

Edward Lifegem
Autumn Dreamwalker
Michael Wildflame
Kaityln Soulrider
Sarah Skystrider

Important Hyperlinks

January 22, 2018

Pirate101/Wizard101 Streaming: Woohoo!

Hi there!

I hope all of you are having an amazing January. I apologize for not posting as much lately; as I've become extremely busy. However, yesterday, I had a chance to stream with Autumn once again. I've really missed streaming and making blog posts. The good thing is that this semester looks like it'll run more smoothly than previous semesters which means more streaming and blog posts. I was acting a little crazy in the stream yesterday - but we all know that's who I am. Enjoy this stream and be on a lookout for a new stream announcement:

Watch Pirate101/Wizard101 Stream - Woohoo! from EdwardLifegem on

January 7, 2018

The Garrison Tower

Ahoy Pirates!

It's official... Edward Cringle is back! If you read my 2018 Goals Post, I plan on making a post every week this year as I begin to quest Edward Cringle once again. It has been a few months since I last made an EC post, but the good thing is that I remember where we ended off. I will continue this post from my last post (Cotton Candy Adventure #2).

Edward Cringle started by looking for the 5 different Turtle Balls that need to be collected to summon the Giant Turtle - and eventually speak to Cao Tzu to decipher the current pieces of the Map to El Dorado. One area we had to access was the Temple of the North Wind - which ended up being too foggy. Kwei Hong, a monk standing near the fog, told us that Amber Hoardes destroyed the Temple of the North Winds in Ashen Roads. He then told us that the only way through the Rubble would be to talk to Brother Xian Bhi, the leader of the Monk Order. 

Once we arrived, Brother Xian told us that the only way he'd help us is if we proved to him that we were honorable. This meant, we had to secure a place, The Garrison Tower, for survivors of the Amber Horde attacks. We had to check the tower to see if there was a threat - and there was no threat at all. Okay, I'm only kidding (not really). Samoorai Warlords were the threat. We made our way back to Brother Xian and he told us to defeat some Amber Hordes to collect an "Imperial Standard". This would help give the Samoorai Warlords peace since the Imperial Standard was stolen from the Warlords. It only took us about two battles to collect the Imperial Standard. 

We were sent back to The Garrison Tower to defeat the Samoorai Warlords and then place the Imperial Standard in the Tower to prevent the Warlords from returning once again. This would mean a safe place for the remaining villagers. I'll be honest, this fight was worst than Kane, Morganthe, Medulla, and every KI Game boss! Ah!!! Wait, you don't believe me? Do you not see the epic screenshot above? Okay.. Fine! It wasn't tough at all. It was actually pretty easy to defeat these warlords. After we defeated them, we placed the Imperial Standard and made our way back to Brother Xian. He let the remaining villagers know that the Garrison Tower was now a Sanctuary. After this quest, Brother Xian told us our next quest that we needed to do before we could get through the Fog to access The Temple of the North Winds. I've already typed so much here, so it looks like I'll save that for my next post. Thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. 

January 5, 2018

Classic WizTuber Shoutouts

Hello Wizards!

I usually don't talk too much about Wiztubers here on my website, but lately, I've been thinking about a few Wiztubers that I watched when I started Wizard101. There are many great Wiztubers in the Spiral today, but did you know there were many great Wiztubers during the first few years of Wizard101? Here are a few of my favorite Classic WizTubers:

The Friendly Necromancer - Grandfather Of Blogging & WizTube

We all know "The Friendly Necromancer" aka Tom Purdue! He's known as the Grandfather of Blogging and today I'll call him the Grandfather of WizTube. He was one of the first bloggers and YouTubers that I ever watched. How long has Tom made Wizard101 videos? Since September of 2008 - that's nearly a decade ago! Tom has many videos dating back ten years. His Wizard101 videos range from Questing Videos to Parodies. His parodies have always been my favorite - one of which is "A Day Without 101" which was released around the time Selena Gomez was in the Spiral! I am happy that he still makes videos here in this community even as the Community Manager of Wizard101 and Pirate101. Thank you so much, Tom, for bringing family-friendly fun to this community for nearly ten years!

The Abracadoodle Show - BasicWizards

"The Abracadoodle Show" was released on January 6th, 2010 by BasicWizards. As many of you already know, Kingsisle released Abracadoodles every once in awhile on their website. Nearly 8 years ago, BasicWizards decided to animate Abracadoodles and post them on YouTube for the Wizard101 Community to enjoy. I want to thank BasicWizards for their hard work and I hope to see them return one day again. If you would like to watch the first episode of The Abracadoodle Show, click on the play button below. 

Wizard Weekly - Fawne 

The first episode of "Wizard Weekly" premiered on March 31st, 2011. Fawne was yet another amazing family-friendly WizTuber. Wizard Weekly was a Weekly Wizard101 News videos. Not only did Fawne provide the news, she also toured houses, offered housing tips and gave her opinion on the future of Wizard101. I remember watching these videos as soon as they were released and every now and then I go back and watch them remembering how amazing they were. Thank you as well, Fawne, for everything that you offered this community. I also hope you join us once again in this amazing community!

Who are your favorite classic Wiztubers? The three Wiztubers listed above are my favorites because they were/are family-friendly! I hope you check out some of their old videos when you get a chance. You may be amazed! Thank you for reading this post. Until next time, I'll see you around the Spiral. 

Pirate101 Stream - Valencia Questing

Ahoy Pirates!

As many of you already know, Autumn and I have been questing in Pirate101. On my last blog post, I told you about us nautical leveling before entering Valencia 2. It's about time that we show Kingsisle how much we love Pirate101 - with the 90s and 00s music! I hope you enjoy a bit of Valencia Questing in the Twitch Stream below. Some portions of the video are muted, but this stream was still a lot of fun. I hope you all are able to join us live one day!

January 4, 2018

Questing Through Empyrea

Hello Wizards!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week. This week has been a great week for me, especially since I have more time to play my favorite games, Wizard101 and Pirate101. For this post, I'm going to talk about a not so new (okay I think it's still new) world, Empyrea!

Autumn Dreamwalker and I have been questing through the first part of Empyrea since it was released in the live realm. We've been busy so we haven't had a chance to quest through as much as we hoped in the beginning. Luckily, on New Year's Eve and the beginning part of this week, we've been able to quest a lot more! I have to say that this world is amazing! Kingsisle sure has updated a lot since I started playing nearly 9 years ago. It really means a lot to us older players that they are putting so much work into these updates. 

Although we've had some difficulties with cheats, - please Kingsisle add a feature that lets us know when a boss cheats so we know when to look the cheats up on our favorite fansites - I think that this world may be one of my favorite worlds so far. I love the music, the graphics, and the storyline! It has been fun questing with Autumn through this first part of Empyrea. We made it to level 125, but we ended up with the last boss... I can't imagine anyone being able to solo Medulla. Well if someone can, I know I would never be able to unless I'm level 200 - Hello, Future Self that's currently level 200. We need help!

The bosses leading up to Medulla, the final boss of Empyrea Part One, were relatively easy to defeat. Bat provided us some trouble, but we still made it through the fight after we figured out how he cheated. Medulla is a 125,000 health boss with our favorite allies that have been brainwashed by Medulla. Pork, Sparck, and Beans join Medulla to help him unless we defeat him (then they will help us). We tried to fight Medulla and we died within a few rounds after relentless hints and cheats. Although we didn't win, we will try this fight again! We will not give up, especially with help from amazing sites like Duelist101 and Wizard101 Central. Their guides help us out when we quest through the game. I think some advice that I can give everyone here before I end this post is to never give up! Tough fights here in the game and in real life will always occur, but you'll always win if you keep trying. Now, we have to study up to defeat Medulla. Wish us the best! I'll post an update post when we finally defeat him. Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral.

January 2, 2018

Nautical Leveling With Autumn (The Return)

Ahoy Pirates!

It sure is nice to finally be back making Pirate101 posts. Last year was a crazier year than usual, which limited my blog posts. I announced yesterday that I have Pirate101 plans this year and I hope you all stick by to see those plans take action. It will surely be an amazing year. Speaking of amazing, I'll start talking about our amazing day of nautical leveling yesterday.

Over the past few months, Autumn and I have quest our musketeers through Pirate101. We've quest through Marleybone and Aquila. As of late, we've streamed our adventures on Twitch. We finished Aquila last week (or should I say last year - haha) and we were planning on questing through Valencia 2 yesterday. We noticed that Autumn was behind on nautical so we decided to sink quite a few Marleybone & Aquila ships to catch her up! While helping her on my musketeer, I leveled to nautical level 60, so we made it a goal to level her up from level 47 to 60 as well.

After the nautical experience number decreased to a certain point in Marleybone, we decided to make our way to Aquila to sink ships there. We decided to go near Captain Taco (Captain Spartacos) and sink ships there instead. We spent about 2 hours sinking ships! It sure was nice and very peaceful to play Pirate101 once again with Autumn. Congratulations to Autumn for making it to nautical level 60! During these ship sinkings, we were also thinking about hosting a Pirate101 event again soon. Hmm, I hope you all stick around because we have quite a few events for this amazing game planned for the pirate community. That's all I have for you all for now. A major thank you all for your support! This will surely be an amazing year.  Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. 

January 1, 2018

2018 Goals

Hi there!

Happy New Year to you all! It's finally 2018 and that means we're all gearing up for the year ahead of us. I have so many plans online and offline - this year will be a busy and amazing year. Today I wanted to make a blog post about a few goals or resolutions that I have planned for this year online. I already know that this year is going to be an amazing year and I'm going to try my best to make it as awesome as possible!

Improved Events - Events Before Every Major Holiday

Yesterday I made a 2017 Event Review post. This post included screenshots of every event from last year - I have to admit it's strange saying that 2017 was last year. The events this year will be far different than the events of last year. I want to improve these events as we progress through the year. We recently started streaming on Twitch and we will continue doing this for all future events. Plans this year are to expand what we do on Twitch. Just like last year, you'll see what we add throughout the year. This is not too much of a goal, but something already planned this year. I hope you all stick with us through this amazing year to bring everyone together once more. And, I am not forgetting about you Pirates out there.. You'll just have to see what happens this year!

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Questing Posts - Making A Return

I've been behind on my questing posts for both Wizard101 and Pirate101 over the past few years. This year, I will be returning to questing posts for both games. This means Edward Cringle will make a return as well for my Pirate101 blog posts. I am not one for making schedules and being able to stick with them unless it's for events - but I want to post at least one post per week for Edward Cringle. As for my wizards, I want to make questing posts for them as well. Who knows, I might stream every now and then! I'd rather post most of my questing activity here on my website, though. I am looking forward to questing again and posting about my adventures here on Around The Spiral. I hope you all stick around and read my blog posts throughout the year.

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Community Shoutouts - Bringing The Community Together

The first years of the beginning of this website, I made blog posts shouting out amazing community members. Since then, I've slowed down quite a bit. I really want to return to that and shoutout awesome people in the community that works hard to help bring this community together. There are many amazing people out there (now I can start adding WizTubers) that I would love to shout out this year. I loved being involved in the community and will now start doing that again. The WizTuber in the picture above is someone you may have heard of, WhiteTiger93. My first shoutout of the year goes to WhiteTiger93 for everything he does for the community to bring everyone together to watch family-friendly content. I joined this community when most were family-friendly content, so I quite enjoy content like this. Thank you, WhiteTiger!

WhiteTiger93's YouTube

The goals above are three main goals that I have for this year. I do think I'll succeed at all three and I hope you all stick around to see that. It's going to be an amazing year! Last year was.. different.. but this year will be beyond amazing! It's time for the Edward Lifegem that I want to be to make his return. This return will be great not only for me, but for the community. I want to thank all of you for your support you've shown over the past nearly eight years. I look forward to yet another amazing year with you all. Thank you all for reading my 2018 Goals Post! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.