January 5, 2018

Classic WizTuber Shoutouts

Hello Wizards!

I usually don't talk too much about Wiztubers here on my website, but lately, I've been thinking about a few Wiztubers that I watched when I started Wizard101. There are many great Wiztubers in the Spiral today, but did you know there were many great Wiztubers during the first few years of Wizard101? Here are a few of my favorite Classic WizTubers:

The Friendly Necromancer - Grandfather Of Blogging & WizTube

We all know "The Friendly Necromancer" aka Tom Purdue! He's known as the Grandfather of Blogging and today I'll call him the Grandfather of WizTube. He was one of the first bloggers and YouTubers that I ever watched. How long has Tom made Wizard101 videos? Since September of 2008 - that's nearly a decade ago! Tom has many videos dating back ten years. His Wizard101 videos range from Questing Videos to Parodies. His parodies have always been my favorite - one of which is "A Day Without 101" which was released around the time Selena Gomez was in the Spiral! I am happy that he still makes videos here in this community even as the Community Manager of Wizard101 and Pirate101. Thank you so much, Tom, for bringing family-friendly fun to this community for nearly ten years!

The Abracadoodle Show - BasicWizards

"The Abracadoodle Show" was released on January 6th, 2010 by BasicWizards. As many of you already know, Kingsisle released Abracadoodles every once in awhile on their website. Nearly 8 years ago, BasicWizards decided to animate Abracadoodles and post them on YouTube for the Wizard101 Community to enjoy. I want to thank BasicWizards for their hard work and I hope to see them return one day again. If you would like to watch the first episode of The Abracadoodle Show, click on the play button below. 

Wizard Weekly - Fawne 

The first episode of "Wizard Weekly" premiered on March 31st, 2011. Fawne was yet another amazing family-friendly WizTuber. Wizard Weekly was a Weekly Wizard101 News videos. Not only did Fawne provide the news, she also toured houses, offered housing tips and gave her opinion on the future of Wizard101. I remember watching these videos as soon as they were released and every now and then I go back and watch them remembering how amazing they were. Thank you as well, Fawne, for everything that you offered this community. I also hope you join us once again in this amazing community!

Who are your favorite classic Wiztubers? The three Wiztubers listed above are my favorites because they were/are family-friendly! I hope you check out some of their old videos when you get a chance. You may be amazed! Thank you for reading this post. Until next time, I'll see you around the Spiral. 

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