January 2, 2018

Nautical Leveling With Autumn (The Return)

Ahoy Pirates!

It sure is nice to finally be back making Pirate101 posts. Last year was a crazier year than usual, which limited my blog posts. I announced yesterday that I have Pirate101 plans this year and I hope you all stick by to see those plans take action. It will surely be an amazing year. Speaking of amazing, I'll start talking about our amazing day of nautical leveling yesterday.

Over the past few months, Autumn and I have quest our musketeers through Pirate101. We've quest through Marleybone and Aquila. As of late, we've streamed our adventures on Twitch. We finished Aquila last week (or should I say last year - haha) and we were planning on questing through Valencia 2 yesterday. We noticed that Autumn was behind on nautical so we decided to sink quite a few Marleybone & Aquila ships to catch her up! While helping her on my musketeer, I leveled to nautical level 60, so we made it a goal to level her up from level 47 to 60 as well.

After the nautical experience number decreased to a certain point in Marleybone, we decided to make our way to Aquila to sink ships there. We decided to go near Captain Taco (Captain Spartacos) and sink ships there instead. We spent about 2 hours sinking ships! It sure was nice and very peaceful to play Pirate101 once again with Autumn. Congratulations to Autumn for making it to nautical level 60! During these ship sinkings, we were also thinking about hosting a Pirate101 event again soon. Hmm, I hope you all stick around because we have quite a few events for this amazing game planned for the pirate community. That's all I have for you all for now. A major thank you all for your support! This will surely be an amazing year.  Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. 

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