January 7, 2018

The Garrison Tower

Ahoy Pirates!

It's official... Edward Cringle is back! If you read my 2018 Goals Post, I plan on making a post every week this year as I begin to quest Edward Cringle once again. It has been a few months since I last made an EC post, but the good thing is that I remember where we ended off. I will continue this post from my last post (Cotton Candy Adventure #2).

Edward Cringle started by looking for the 5 different Turtle Balls that need to be collected to summon the Giant Turtle - and eventually speak to Cao Tzu to decipher the current pieces of the Map to El Dorado. One area we had to access was the Temple of the North Wind - which ended up being too foggy. Kwei Hong, a monk standing near the fog, told us that Amber Hoardes destroyed the Temple of the North Winds in Ashen Roads. He then told us that the only way through the Rubble would be to talk to Brother Xian Bhi, the leader of the Monk Order. 

Once we arrived, Brother Xian told us that the only way he'd help us is if we proved to him that we were honorable. This meant, we had to secure a place, The Garrison Tower, for survivors of the Amber Horde attacks. We had to check the tower to see if there was a threat - and there was no threat at all. Okay, I'm only kidding (not really). Samoorai Warlords were the threat. We made our way back to Brother Xian and he told us to defeat some Amber Hordes to collect an "Imperial Standard". This would help give the Samoorai Warlords peace since the Imperial Standard was stolen from the Warlords. It only took us about two battles to collect the Imperial Standard. 

We were sent back to The Garrison Tower to defeat the Samoorai Warlords and then place the Imperial Standard in the Tower to prevent the Warlords from returning once again. This would mean a safe place for the remaining villagers. I'll be honest, this fight was worst than Kane, Morganthe, Medulla, and every KI Game boss! Ah!!! Wait, you don't believe me? Do you not see the epic screenshot above? Okay.. Fine! It wasn't tough at all. It was actually pretty easy to defeat these warlords. After we defeated them, we placed the Imperial Standard and made our way back to Brother Xian. He let the remaining villagers know that the Garrison Tower was now a Sanctuary. After this quest, Brother Xian told us our next quest that we needed to do before we could get through the Fog to access The Temple of the North Winds. I've already typed so much here, so it looks like I'll save that for my next post. Thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. 

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