June 28, 2018

New Wizard101: My Review

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday. Today I wanted to talk about one specific update that will be coming to Wizard101 very soon, the Wizard City Makeover. This new update is currently being tested in the Wizard101 Test Realm. This post has quite a few spoilers, so reader beware! Although, I'm sure many of you have already seen the new updates!

My Thoughts On New Wizard City

Yesterday, I was tweeting up a storm about this update. The main update that was the most exciting for most was, of course, New Wizard City. For this update, Kingsisle updated most of the areas in Wizard City (The Commons, Headmaster's Tower, Ravenwood, The Schools, Golem Court, Unicorn Way, The Arena, Shopping Districts, Shops, Olde Town, and the Bazaar). On top of that, most of the NPCs have been updated as well. There are so many updates that I couldn't begin to talk about all of them. So I'm going to stick to the graphics portion of this Test Realm.

I've been testing updates in the Wizard101 Test Realm since the Mount Release in 2009. This Test Realm is my favorite test realm by far! I can't believe how different Wizard City looks. Other areas in the test realm haven't been updated yet, but I'm sure we'll see that on the Test or when they release to the live realm. Seeing how the graphics look now, I give Kingsisle an A+ for staying with the times, while also giving us wizards who have been here awhile a nostalgia that we didn't think would return with a new update. This is the wizardry stuff that we joined the game for! Thanks for making the graphics so much better than the old Wizard City.

What Is In Store For Wizard101 And The Community?

Judging this update, it seems to me that the game is going to grow by a lot. Everyone loves seeing amazing graphics when they join a game. I think this will help Kingsisle. I'm sure a lot of you think that they're only going to update Wizard City. I'm predicting now that they'll update other worlds as we progress through this year. Kingsisle has a chance to make Wizard101 a larger game. As a game grows in players, the community will grow as well. 

I don't know about everyone else, but I have a great feeling about Wizard101's future. I'd say the only thing that is missing is the other world's graphics and of course a new commercial! There are rumors that they'll be adding the game to Steam (if people see it there, you'll see a lot of new players in the game without a commercial). So I wish Kingsisle the very best! I know they have a bright future as long as they continue updating both of their games. Thank you, KI, for an amazing update and thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the Spiral. 

Wizard101 Test Realm

My blog posts are going to be amazing thanks to this graphic update and photomancy! Thanks again, KI!

June 24, 2018

Patriotic March - Saturday, June 30th

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're looking forward to this Summer. We have great events planned for you this Summer, one of them being the Patriotic March, which takes place next week! I had one last year, which everyone had fun at, so I thought we could make more of an official post for this year's Patriotic March! Keep reading this post for more information about this event:

Edward Lifegem
Autumn Dreamwalker

3:00 pm CDT - Twitch Stream Begins

3:30 pm CDT - Patriotic March
4:00 pm CDT - Afterparty

This is a last-minute get-together for the community. Please wear your nation's colors at this event. As you have read above, we will be having a March (Run) around Wizard City. If you watch the video above, you'll see where we'll be running. Mounts are not required for this event. We hope to see you there! If you're unable to make it, I hope to see you at the Holiday Mashup next month! 

Saturday, June 30th - Ravenwood, Vampire Realm at 3:00 pm CDT / 4:00 pm EDT