July 30, 2018

Kingsisle Live: New Wizard City Look, Christmas in July, & New CM

Hello Wizards!

Last Thursday, Kingsisle had an amazing new episode of Kingsisle Live. As you may have read from the title, many things were discussed during this recent episode of KI Live. Thank you so much, Tom, for all of the amazing episodes over the past few years. We will miss seeing you on the show, but we also look forward to seeing our new CM, Mathew aka Manderson, on the show starting in August!

Vanessa Mythdust, from The Untold Spiral, got everyone together to dress up as Dworgyn or in all black for Tom's last episode. If you're now just finding out the news, there's no need to worry! Tom will still work at Kingsisle as a Game Designer for Kingsisle's mobile game, Animal Cove. I hope to see him on the show again to hear more about Animal Cove. In the meantime, I'll leave you all to listen to this awesome episode of Kingsisle Live. Thank you again, Tom, for everything that you've done for this community! 

Code for Crowns 

We got the moves! :D 

July 29, 2018

Holiday Mashup 2018: Recap Post

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Yesterday was especially wonderful for me because I got to eat cake and host an event for this awesome community. As many of you already know, we had our Holiday Mashup yesterday. This event was my favorite event out of all of the events we've currently had. Thank you for making yesterday such an amazing Birthday! Keep reading this post to see what we did for our First Annual Holiday Mashup and a Halloween Run 2018 Announcement!

I logged in very early on the event day to say hello to the very early birds - one of them being Victoria Thundershard which helped out a lot yesterday teleporting everyone - thank you, Victoria! Yes, around 5:00 am (seven hours before our stream would even begin), I was talking to amazing people in-game. Talking to them really reminded me why we have events like this in the first place. We have them to bring everyone together to something good that removes all negative stuff going on in your personal life to have fun. Most events, whether they're hosted by us or by other great people in the community, are a great way to make new friends and talk with old friends. I've stated this in the past, but I'll state it again.. Our main goal for these events is to bring everything in this amazing community together for fun. We love this community! Yesterday was a nice reminder of how amazing this community is.

We started streaming this awesome event around 12:00 pm Central with a Dance Party. We streamed various activities and the main event for about  4 hours and 30 minutes! This was less time than our previous event, but that was because I was not going to miss out on my Birthday Ice Cream Cake. :D I love this community, but... I mean look at the image below. You can't tell me that doesn't look good! I'm pretty sure a lot of you weren't expecting to see that, but there you go. This Twix Ice Cream Cake was delicious. Yum!

So other than the delicious cake above, I have to say that yesterday was one of my best Birthdays. I had a great time online and offline. It was so nice hanging out with all of you! I already wish we could have another major event, but these do take many hours to plan out. There is no way I could prepare all of this on my own, so I really would like to thank our hosts and port wizards for all of their hard work helping me put this together for this community. Behind the scenes, it takes quite some time to prepare events like these, so each time we have an event, please thank the hosts as well. Now, it may seem like I'm done with my Recap Post, but I'm not. I'm now going to list a few favorite moments of this event! 

Happy Birthday To Me? (Blushing)

One amazing thing during this event was that Autumn Dreamwalker planned out a surprise for me for everyone to sing Happy Birthday to me. I later found out that she was going to have this surprise, but that didn't keep me from blushing for about 20 minutes after! This community truly is amazing. I'll always remember this moment. Thank you so much for all of your Birthday wishes yesterday. There were so many that I was unable to thank everyone. I'll thank everyone here on this post for now. Thank you again for making my 25th Birthday an amazing Birthday.

Christmas Caroling

Another great moment of this event was the Christmas Caroling. We started caroling for events last Christmas. We went all over Wizard City from the Shopping District to The Arena singing our favorite Christmas Carols. This activity was one of my favorite activities from yesterday. An amazing moment from this was that we went up to a wizard named Sierra Soultamer in the Shopping District. We started singing "Hot Chocolate" by Tom Hanks. Now at first, she was confused, and rightfully so! And after we told her what was going on, she appreciated our caroling! She even joined the event, which was amazing. Thank you so much, Sierra, for joining this event. We hope you had a lot of fun at the remainder of the event.

Duck, Duck, Run!

Our main event, the Holiday Mashup Run, began around 3:00 pm Central. This time was a little different from other times though.. We had Rubber Ducky mounts! I'd like to thank Tom Purdue for making codes for a 1-Day Duck Mounts to be given away during our event. It really was cute to see these ducks hopping around Wizard City. The codes quickly ran out, so a few were unable to get these and I apologize for that. If we ever do something like this again, I'll be sure to ask for a few more just in case. Other than that, this was my favorite moment! I think everyone had a laugh or two, especially when we started playing "The Duck Song" while running around Wizard City!

Help From Amazing People

Shortly after the Run, our amazing port wizards teleported everyone to the afterparty houses. These houses were decorated and put together by Michael Wildflame (Battlemage Keep) and Sarah Skystrider (Massive Fantasy Palace). These houses were amazing and it was so nice seeing everyone have fun. Did you know that they also had contests of their own? They are amazing. Thank you so much, Sarah & Michael, for your hard work. Speaking of our amazing co-hosts, I'd like to formally shout-out everyone that helped us out with this event. Please give them a follow if you get a chance!

Autumn Dreamwalker

Michael Wildflame 

Sarah Skystrider 



Cameron Shadowspear

I'd also like to thank all of you for supporting our events. A lot goes into preparing for events like this, but at the end of the day, all of you make all that work well worth it. Keep supporting those who make a positive change in the community. That's one way we can all work to bring the community together. This is one community. It's the Wizard101 Community. Thank you again for your support. I hope to see you at our next major event, our 3rd Annual Halloween Run! Spread the word. We'll share more information about this event over the next few months. In the meantime, you can watch our stream from this year's Holiday Mashup by clicking on the link below.

View Our Holiday Mashup Stream:

July 27, 2018

Ramble About Events / Holiday Mashup Tomorrow

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful Friday. It's finally the weekend! I'm looking forward to this weekend because of the Holiday Mashup plus I get to eat cake & ice cream tomorrow. I am looking forward to this event since I spent most of this Summer with amazing people preparing for it.

I can't believe that tomorrow finally the day of one our best-planned events that we've ever had. We continue to improve our events as we go. If you've been here a while, you'll know that we first started streaming our events during the Halloween Run. Since then, we've had many amazing new activities. These activities range from hide & seek to caroling. We've been adding and testing new things as we continue these events. Not one event will be the same as another event, which is amazing! I love having these events because even I don't know what to expect. :D

Speaking of not knowing what to expect. I think a few of the amazing co-hosts of this event know how nervous I get the day and even a few minutes before an event. My main goal is to bring the community together for a fun event. I think I overwork on some event details to make everything perfect. Sometimes I need to remind myself that nothing is perfect. However, I never boast, but I am extremely proud of what our events have become. It's never been about numbers, so I am most proud that the events have brought many people together to make new friends or to just hang out with old friends! So our main goal for tomorrow will be to bring everyone together for some fun Wizard101 event fun. I want to thank all of you for your support, whether you're able to attend or not. Thank you! If you would like more information about our Holiday Mashup event, please click on the link below:

July 26, 2018

It's Time For Wizard101 2.0!

Hello Wizards!

Lately, I've been thinking about the new amazing graphics & music that Kingsisle has added to Wizard101. We know that the free areas of Wizard City have been updated with all of these new updates. But many of you are asking, what about the other worlds? I believe that they're already in the process of updating most (if not, all) of the worlds!

New Wizard City - A Shock To The Community

Nobody really knows what Kingsisle is up to! The new Wizard City update came to a complete surprise to everyone when they updated all of the graphics. When I first found out that they were planning on updating The Commons, I thought they'd add a few new items in there. I believe nearly everyone was surprised to see they updated all of the free areas. If you log into Wizard101 now and really look around, you may notice things you didn't even notice before. They're putting a lot of detail into everything and I say that's amazing! 

My Predictions Of The Future
Updated Graphics + Empyrea Part Two: The second part of Empyrea is set to be released later this year. Could Kingsisle be in the process of updating a majority of the worlds to release with Empyrea Part Two? This would mean we'd get to hear all of the new music as well. If Kingsisle wanted players to see any updated areas/worlds, that would be awesome! 

A Few Worlds At A Time: Kingsisle updated the graphics of Wizard City, but they've only updated the free areas of Wizard City. Could they be releasing a few areas/worlds at a time so they can work out all of the bugs? I could see them releasing a few worlds at a time. Possibly 2 for each main season. That would add up to 8 worlds by the end of next year if they plan on taking that route! It would take just over two years for them update all of the worlds. 

Only Updating Wizard City: Okay. I've added this section because there is no way they're only updating Wizard City! As I've said at the beginning of this post, I believe they're going to update most, if not, all of the Wizard101 worlds. The main reason I believe everything will be updated is that of a quote from Professor Falmea last December. The word "everything" sticks out to me! We also have a Classic Mode. Why would we only have that for one world? I guess we're gonna have to wait to see what happens. Kingsisle never fails to surprise me! No matter what happens, I wish Kingsisle the very best. Keep up the great work!

"Everything old will be new again." ~ Professor Falmea

July 25, 2018

My Life Is Now Complete!

Hello Wizards!

Happy five months until Christmas Day! Okay, I'm being silly, but we really do have five months until Christmas. I can't wait to see all of the Christmas lights, snow, and everything else that is amazing about the Holiday season. So today I wanted to announce to everyone that my life is now complete! Well, my life wizard that is!

The picture above really speaks for itself. I finally got the Spiral Staff (Commemoration) from the new Decaversary pack! Yesterday, Autumn Dreamwalker told me that she wanted me to log into the game to check my gifts. I'm usually reluctant to accept any gift (I mean I would and have given away my crowns before I spend them on myself). This time, I was so excited, gracious, and nervous! I opened the last pack that I was gifted and found that I got the staff that my wizard has been needing for nearly 9 years, the Spiral Staff!

I thank Autumn Dreamwalker for gifting me this amazing wand. I also want to thank Austin Stars for helping me out the first day the pack was released. These are memories I will not forget. It is a virtual item, but it really completes the purpose of my life wizard. I will keep this staff to always be part of my main look. Thank you again, Autumn, for gifting me those packs yesterday. It's always been Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem - now you can just look at my life wizard and recognize this amazing website of memories. Thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. 

Decaversary Pack (399 Crowns)

July 24, 2018

Farming For The Reindeer Knight Spell!

Hello Wizards!

Now through July 29th, you can farm the Loremaster in The Atheneum, Dragonspyre, to earn the Reindeer Knight spell. So far, the drop rate isn't that high because there are people who have gotten it the first try and others who have gotten it the third or fourth try! Yesterday, Autumn Dreamwalker and I decided to try out luck in this fight.

We brought our ice wizards to attack the Loremaster to see how long it would take us to get this spell. If you've read my previous farming posts, you'll know that it takes forever for us to get what we want from a certain boss. I can't say we got the spell after defeating her after ten times, but it's always good to keep trying and never to give up. We will get that spell! Good luck to everyone farming for this spell. Don't give up because you still have plenty of time this week to farm for it. 


July 23, 2018

Wizard101: Christmas In July 2018

Hello Wizards!

I'm back again with another post to let you know that Kingsisle has officially added the Christmas Decorations to celebrate one of my favorite celebrations in the game, Christmas in July! This awesome event will last through July 29th - so log into the game before then to check out the decorations and items!

As I've mentioned above, this event includes all of our favorite Christmas-themed items! Did I mention that they're all on sale?! That's right, you can buy these awesome items (perfect for our Holiday Mashup on Saturday, wink wink) for a reduced price in the Crowns Shop. You can view a few of the reduced prices below:

You can also visit Feliz Navidad in the Shopping District for all of your other favorite Holiday items, such as The Santa Suit, Christmas wands/staffs, and Pets (Frostman, Christmas Elf, and Yuletide Spirit). I hope to see you celebrating Christmas in July this year. If you would like more information about Wizard101's Christmas in July, including a free gold skeletal key code, then click on the link directly below:

Christmas in July 2018

Buy Crowns

Merry Christmas in July, everyone! 

Kingsisle Live: Thursday, July 26th

Hi there!

I wanted to make a quick blog post to let everyone know that Kingsisle Live will air this week! This Kingsisle Live will be a special episode because our new community manager of Kingsisle games, Mathew Anderson, will be joining Tom and Leah! You can use the hashtag #AskKI on Twitter to ask questions for Mathew or ask any other questions you have about the games.

Kingsisle Live
Thursday, July 26th
4:00 pm Central / 5:00 pm Eastern

July 22, 2018

LOTS 7th Birthday Recap

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having an amazing weekend. Yesterday was amazing because one of our favorite fansites, Legends of the Spiral, recently turned 7 years old! With their Birthday came an awesome event for the community. This event was hosted by Michael Wildflame of Legends of the Spiral.

Wizards actually showed up in the Ice Tower hours before the event was meant to begin! It was fun talking with the awesome members of the community. A few of us ran around in circles (which was actually fun) and we also danced while waiting for the event to begin. Speaking of dancing... Did you know that my favorite new dance move is now The Floss? I know, I know! The Breakin' dance move is still an amazing dance move, but this new dance move is definitely very silly. The silliness of it is what makes it so much fun! 

Once the party began, awesome port wizards teleport us to Michael Wildflame's Storm House which include one epic Maze! Now I didn't participate because I'd still be there right now even though the event took place yesterday. I'm sure a lot of you would be asking where I am and Michael would have to tell you that I'm completing the maze! Okay... Maybe I wouldn't be like that! But I would definitely be there hours trying to successfully complete it - I'm not good at mazes, but I'll definitely keep trying. Anyway, Michael does a great job on his mazes and you really should check them out when you get a chance!

After the maze, we went to view the fashion show. I must say that there are many wizards out there with a great sense of style. I congratulate all of them on amazing outfits. I wish I had the style that they have! Anyway, this was an amazing show put on by Michael. He had every wizard walk down red-carpet (which sadly isn't shown in the picture above) and walk up to talk to everyone about what they were wearing. I was lucky enough to take a picture with the Grand Prize Winner of the Fashion Show, Sophia Wintersong! 

She did a great job on her outfit and I congratulate her on her win! Congratulations to all of the other stylish fashion show winners as well. Thank you again, Sophia, for letting me get a picture with you. Anyway, that's actually where I ended my adventure in the Legends of the Spiral event. They had a lot more activities including Hide & Seek, a Scavenger Hunt, and a dance party to end the day in the commons. Thank you to all of the Legends of the Spiral staff, including the host, Michael Wildflame, for putting on such an amazing event for the community. Happy Birthday, Legends of the Spiral! Here's to many more Birthdays and celebrations!

Legends Of The Spiral

July 21, 2018

Holiday Mashup 2018 - TODAY

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful start to your weekend. The Holiday Mashup will take place TODAY. For today's post, I've included a few things that you should do if you plan on attending our first annual Holiday Mashup. This list should help you with any confusion you may have about this event or our events in general. :)

The Video Guide for the Holiday Mashup shows where exactly we'll run in Wizard City. The guide for this event is the longest guide we've ever had to make because we have a few new tasks included. Please watch this video and study what we'll be doing so you're well-prepared for next week's event. A good way to get studying for this event would be to enter our Video Guide Contest. Autumn from Secrets of the Spiral will be giving away 30,000 crowns to one lucky winner for this contest! Click the link above to access this contest.

Follow Our Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/edwardlifegem
I've already mentioned a few places that we now stream our events on Twitch. If you're joining us for the first time, please watch our official Twitch Channel (which is linked above). This will help provide you with more of an understanding of our activities which begin at 12:00 pm CDT up until our main event (The Holiday Mashup Run) which begins at 3:00 pm CDT. We'll be streaming all kinds of fun activities and playing Holiday music. 

If you're now just finding out about our events, the link above will provide more of an understanding of what our events are and why we have them. We welcome all of you to attend our events but remember to keep them family-friendly because this is a family-friendly game. Memberships, Mounts, and Costumes are not required to attend if you do not have them. We hope to see you there! 

The list above is a great list to follow if you plan on attending our event. We're going to try to make it as fun as possible. We'll continue working hard to make these events the best they can be for the community. Our main goal, as I've stated many times, is to bring the community together. You are welcome to attend this event. And I would like to thank all of you for your support that you've shown us over the years. We'll continue having events like these for many years. We hope to see you today at our first Annual Holiday Mashup. Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral.

July 20, 2018

New Community Manager: Mathew Anderson

Hello Wizards & Ahoy Pirates!

Today, our awesome community manager, Tom Purdue, announced that he would be leaving the community manager position to fulfill an awesome new promotion as Game Designer on a Kingsisle Mobile Game, Animal Cove. He also announced that we will now have a new community manager, named Mathew Anderson. He will be known on the Wizard101 Message Boards as Sparck and the Pirate101 Message Boards as Bat Masterson.

Tom has been a very great help to this community from the very start. He started blogging about Wizard101 nearly 10 years ago! Since then, he's brought the community closer together in various ways - Blogging, YouTube, streaming, etc. I know he'll be a Game Designer on Animal Cove, but I am glad I got to know him as both a Fansite Owner & a Community Manager. He's given many people, including myself, chances to bring this amazing community together. Thank you so much for being an awesome community manager. The entire community appreciates everything you have done for this game. Thank you so much for all of the support you've shown my website & the events that we throw for the community. You're the Grandfather of Blogging and Community Management!

It's now the time to welcome our new community manager, Mathew Anderson! We're happy to welcome you into this community. I look forward to working with you for many years to come. As I've stated in my email, I know you'll do a great job! Thank you for everything that you will do in the future. Now, if any of you would like more information about this change, you can view the message board links by clicking on the links below or you can view the upcoming episode of Kingsisle Live:

Wizard101 Message Boards

Pirate101 Message Boards

Kingsisle Live
Thursday, July 26th at 4:00 pm CDT

Thank you again, Tom! Here's to a very bright future for both of you! :)

July 19, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Christmas In July - Santa Run

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday. Did you know that in previous years, we had two Santa Runs? We had one during July and another in December. This year, we've decided not to have a Santa Run and have a Holiday Mashup event in its place! However, that doesn't mean we're done talking about Christmas in July!

The Santa Run was an event where we got everyone together to celebrate Christmas and Santa. It's pretty self explanatory! The Santa Run itself is the event that started all of the events. The first Santa Run took place back in December of 2012. A few years passed and I decided to have another one in December of 2015. Since then, we've had events for nearly every Holiday. 

Since then, our events have evolved to be amazing events. At one point, we would only run around the commons a few times. Now we're running around Wizard City and have activities that lead up to events. The Santa Run holds a very special place in my heart. This is why I wanted to make it once a year - during December. Anyway, I want to thank all of you for all of the support you've shown us since our first event. It's been amazing and we look forward to hosting many more events for the community. Merry Christmas in July!

July 18, 2018

Wizard101: Decaversary Hoard Pack

Hello Wizards!

Kingsisle released a new hoard pack in the game, called the Decaversary Hoard Pack. This pack is full of special items that celebrate Wizard101's 10th Birthday. You can now buy this new pack in the Crowns Shop for 399 Crowns!

This pack will be a permanent item in Wizard101, so there's no need to worry about rushing to buy it. However, I'd personally rate this pack the best since they have so many epic items in it. Want a full list of all of the amazing items that is included in this new pack? You can read more about this new pack by clicking on the link below:

July 17, 2018

Check Out New Wizard City!

Hello Wizards!

This morning, Kingsisle added all of the new updates from the Test Realm to the Live Realm. Many of you already know about all of the updates, but today I'm mostly going to focus on Photomancy and the new Wizard City Graphics!

If you use the Z key on your keyboard, you can access a new feature called Photomancy. This awesome new feature allows you to take screenshots to the next level. If you're in a full realm and there are many people around, you have the option to hide other wizards (including your own). I took the picture above near the rainbow bridge in the Commons today during a very busy time! This feature will be such an amazing feature for events and blog posts. 

Now I never say Selfie, but today I will. The Selfie (Picture) option on Wizard101 is another part of Photomancy. You can take pictures of your character, or just NPCs, without worrying about other wizards getting in your shot. This will be such an amazing feature for blogging. We bloggers are sure Kingsisle was thinking about us when they were working on this feature! ;) The new Graphics and Photomancy are going to be very popular! I've already heard great reviews from people who were unable to access the Test Realm before. Here's to a new successful beginning.

Read The Update Notes

Picture with Wolf & Flint. We hope to see you in New Wizard City sometime soon!

July 16, 2018

Wizard City Redone - Live Realm Tomorrow

Hi there!

This evening, Kingsisle announced that they will be bring the new updates from the Test Realm to the live realm. With this update comes new graphics for Wizard City, photomancy, a Magic Mirror, Azteca Fishing, New Monstrology, and other amazing updates You can log into the game tomorrow morning to check out all of the new updates! Spread the word to your friends! I hope to see you there.

Maintenance Timeframe
Tuesday, July 17th

Questing with Suri - The Broken Monolith

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful Monday. Today I decided to try out something new; record questing adventures. These are very popular on YouTube and have been done before, but I've still decided to do a quest guide with my death wizard, Suri Skullshard.

A few months ago, I did a stream where I finished up the last quests of Dragonspyre and started the first few quests here in Celestia. At the time, I didn't think I'd be making too many posts about my death wizard. I've always thought the death school was amazing, but never got through many quests because my main focus was on my fire, ice and life wizards. So, I've recently decided to talk more about my other wizards and where they are in their quests. I know this isn't a start to finish walkthrough, but I'm going to record questing videos and post those videos on my website for memories! 

So now that I've talked about what my plans are. Let's talk a bit about the video below! Today, I started questing in the Districts of the Stars in Celestia. I had to defeat some Piscean Guards to collect pieces of a Broken Monolith so I could learn more about the Celestial Schools of Magic - Sun, Moon, and Star. This is a Part One of the Districts of the Stars questing:

July 13, 2018

My Nephews Play Wizard101 For The First Time (Reaction)

Hi there!

Today, I had my nephews try playing Wizard101. The Test Realm is expected to be released sometime this month, and with this new update comes amazingly new graphics. Today I wanted to show my nephews the new graphics + a few other awesome things that the game has to offer.

I logged into my Wizard101 account and showed them the different schools and trees. Their favorite schools/trees were the fire, death & storm! So I let them run around on my characters to get a feel of how Wizard101 works. We defeated Trolls, Cyclops and Rotting Fodders. They loved the mounts, pets, graphics, and really paid a lot more attention to things that I usually don't pay attention to when I play the game! It was awesome to see their reactions to the game. So what exactly does my 5-year old nephew think about Wizard101? Well. Listen to the 13 second video below.

So, I'd say my nephew gives the game an A+! Although they're still too young to play, I will certainly create them an account in a few years. They always ask me when they can have an account. I may end up creating it earlier than expected. Who knows?! For now, I'll show them how everything works. I have to say that I also give Kingsisle an A+ on an amazing game! Thank you KI for creating such an amazing game that I can share with my nephews and in a few years (or less), I can help them quest. And thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

July 12, 2018

What Was Wizard101 Like Back In The Olden Days? (Castles)

Hello Wizards!

Welcome to another installment of "What Was Wizard101.." yeah you get it! On this post, I wanted to discuss something that we all love in Wizard101... our Castles! Castles these days are used for decorating and dueling parties. However, we didn't always have a dueling circles & many other awesome things in our homes. Today I'm going to talk about what castles/homes were like before the start of this decade.

I remember buying my first castle, the Wooded Cottage. I had to farm Kraken quite a bit in order to get gold for both the castle and the decorations used in the castle. At the time, I thought I was one of the best wizards in the game because I had a castle! I remember inviting the friends that I had over to see my castle/decorations. I also got to see the homes of my friends. My friends were a higher level than I was, so were able to buy houses that were also sold for gold from the other worlds.

Wizard City
Wooded Cottage - 8,000 Gold

Royal Playhouse - 15,000 Gold

Oasis Camp - 10,000 Gold

Desert Villa - 20,000 Gold

Metropolitan Manor - 12,000 Gold

Royal Estate - 30,000 Gold

Tranquil Cottage - 15,000 Gold

Imperial Palace - 40,000 Gold

Grand Citadel - 20,000 Gold

Grand Fortress - 50,000 Gold
As I said earlier in the post, we were unable to duel each other, but it was still a lot of fun to hang out with friends and talk about how awesome it would be if we had mounts. Okay, we didn't do that, but it still would have been amazing to have them! Wait, that has nothing to do with housing.. or maybe it does? I guess we'll just have to wait for another post for that! What a time this was before we had Bundles, Gauntlets, Customizable Items, Roaming Mounts, etc. etc. Kingsisle has certainly did a great job improving the game. Anyway, I should get going! Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time I'll see you around the spiral.

 Do you remember your first house? If so, which house was it? Comment Below! 
Stay tuned for a somewhat part two of this post. Hmm, I wonder what the topic of this next post will be?