July 3, 2018

Community Leaders: What They Represent

Hello Wizards!

Today, I thought I'd make a new blog post to talk about something that has been around since before I joined the game. Community Leaders have been part of this wonderful community since the beginning of the game. This post is about why community leaders are here, what they've done, and what they still do for this community.

As I've stated above, community leaders have been around for awhile. Community Leaders are sponsored by Kingsisle so not everyone (especially those who are not family friendly) represent a family-friendly game. Years back, I remember attending the Diary of a Wizard events, and this Fansite's events were sponsored by Kingsisle. All of the Fansites would get together and throw one huge event for the community. It was a family-friendly event. These events were by far the largest events that this game has ever had. No matter what anyone says - these were the largest events in the game that even if all Wizard101 Event Hosts got together and hosted one event, it wouldn't even add up to the number of people that attended these events.

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I started attending the Diary of a Wizard events back in 2010. These events, like I said above, were very family-friendly and brought many thousands of wizards together each year. Other great Fansites helped co-host their own events as well. This Fansite was chosen by Kingsisle for a reason. They led the community in a positive direction. It brought a lot of people together and was the owners of this website were true community leaders. So even though it's been about six years since the last Diary of a Wizard event, we're now heading in a new direction from the old Website & Podcast days. We've now been introduced to Streaming!

Twitch is very popular these days. So I thought I'd talk about how streaming started in this community. The very first streamers were Stephen Spiritcaller & Leala from Ravenwood Radio. Each week starting in Fall of 2009, they'd release a new episode of Ravenwood Radio. They would talk about what was going on in the community and even sometimes after the show, have afterparties. Today, we have many great streamers who also bring the community together and have parties. I can't even list the many great streamers in this community, but they know who they are! I would like to thank them for continuing to bring this community together. The main priority, in my opinion, should be to do just that. 

Although many people in this wonderful community have brought people together for years, there are others who let jealousy & competition run their path. If anyone is trying to compete with other members of this community, they aren't a community leader. They are especially not a community leader if they are not officially recognized by Kingsisle. They have provided the community with a way to see who they wanted as community leaders. You can read the official newsletters (or watch the KI Live Streams). You can also click on the links below to read the Official Fansites that are listed on their websites.

Pirate101 Fansites

Wizard101 Fansites

There is a reason why most MMOs have official fansites. Kingsisle is a family-friendly game. Anyone not being family-friendly & pretending to be a community leader is not a community leader. They never were and never will be. Community leaders make mistakes, I know I have made plenty, but KI knows who were are. They've known some of us for nearly a decade. Please be aware of those who mislead the community into thinking that we're not. They promote and sponsor us for a reason. Thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the Spiral. 

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