July 30, 2018

Kingsisle Live: New Wizard City Look, Christmas in July, & New CM

Hello Wizards!

Last Thursday, Kingsisle had an amazing new episode of Kingsisle Live. As you may have read from the title, many things were discussed during this recent episode of KI Live. Thank you so much, Tom, for all of the amazing episodes over the past few years. We will miss seeing you on the show, but we also look forward to seeing our new CM, Mathew aka Manderson, on the show starting in August!

Vanessa Mythdust, from The Untold Spiral, got everyone together to dress up as Dworgyn or in all black for Tom's last episode. If you're now just finding out the news, there's no need to worry! Tom will still work at Kingsisle as a Game Designer for Kingsisle's mobile game, Animal Cove. I hope to see him on the show again to hear more about Animal Cove. In the meantime, I'll leave you all to listen to this awesome episode of Kingsisle Live. Thank you again, Tom, for everything that you've done for this community! 

Code for Crowns 

We got the moves! :D 

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