July 22, 2018

LOTS 7th Birthday Recap

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having an amazing weekend. Yesterday was amazing because one of our favorite fansites, Legends of the Spiral, recently turned 7 years old! With their Birthday came an awesome event for the community. This event was hosted by Michael Wildflame of Legends of the Spiral.

Wizards actually showed up in the Ice Tower hours before the event was meant to begin! It was fun talking with the awesome members of the community. A few of us ran around in circles (which was actually fun) and we also danced while waiting for the event to begin. Speaking of dancing... Did you know that my favorite new dance move is now The Floss? I know, I know! The Breakin' dance move is still an amazing dance move, but this new dance move is definitely very silly. The silliness of it is what makes it so much fun! 

Once the party began, awesome port wizards teleport us to Michael Wildflame's Storm House which include one epic Maze! Now I didn't participate because I'd still be there right now even though the event took place yesterday. I'm sure a lot of you would be asking where I am and Michael would have to tell you that I'm completing the maze! Okay... Maybe I wouldn't be like that! But I would definitely be there hours trying to successfully complete it - I'm not good at mazes, but I'll definitely keep trying. Anyway, Michael does a great job on his mazes and you really should check them out when you get a chance!

After the maze, we went to view the fashion show. I must say that there are many wizards out there with a great sense of style. I congratulate all of them on amazing outfits. I wish I had the style that they have! Anyway, this was an amazing show put on by Michael. He had every wizard walk down red-carpet (which sadly isn't shown in the picture above) and walk up to talk to everyone about what they were wearing. I was lucky enough to take a picture with the Grand Prize Winner of the Fashion Show, Sophia Wintersong! 

She did a great job on her outfit and I congratulate her on her win! Congratulations to all of the other stylish fashion show winners as well. Thank you again, Sophia, for letting me get a picture with you. Anyway, that's actually where I ended my adventure in the Legends of the Spiral event. They had a lot more activities including Hide & Seek, a Scavenger Hunt, and a dance party to end the day in the commons. Thank you to all of the Legends of the Spiral staff, including the host, Michael Wildflame, for putting on such an amazing event for the community. Happy Birthday, Legends of the Spiral! Here's to many more Birthdays and celebrations!

Legends Of The Spiral

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