July 13, 2018

My Nephews Play Wizard101 For The First Time (Reaction)

Hi there!

Today, I had my nephews try playing Wizard101. The Test Realm is expected to be released sometime this month, and with this new update comes amazingly new graphics. Today I wanted to show my nephews the new graphics + a few other awesome things that the game has to offer.

I logged into my Wizard101 account and showed them the different schools and trees. Their favorite schools/trees were the fire, death & storm! So I let them run around on my characters to get a feel of how Wizard101 works. We defeated Trolls, Cyclops and Rotting Fodders. They loved the mounts, pets, graphics, and really paid a lot more attention to things that I usually don't pay attention to when I play the game! It was awesome to see their reactions to the game. So what exactly does my 5-year old nephew think about Wizard101? Well. Listen to the 13 second video below.

So, I'd say my nephew gives the game an A+! Although they're still too young to play, I will certainly create them an account in a few years. They always ask me when they can have an account. I may end up creating it earlier than expected. Who knows?! For now, I'll show them how everything works. I have to say that I also give Kingsisle an A+ on an amazing game! Thank you KI for creating such an amazing game that I can share with my nephews and in a few years (or less), I can help them quest. And thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

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Lynda said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Edward - I love it! Playing Wiz is one of the ways I connected with my nephews, who live in another state. We not only had fun playing, but it was a great time to chat and connect (plus it gave me "cool Aunt" status for a long time!). If your nephews start playing in the future, you'll definitely have to post some videos - it will be fun to see the game through their eyes.