July 11, 2018

School Mounts - Seven Years Later!

Hello Wizards!

It's 7/11 and I realized that seven years ago, today, I made a post about School Mounts! I made this post before many of the mounts that we have now were even added to the game. Today, I wanted to update the list with a list of new school-themed mounts that should be added to the game!

Balance: Scorpion, Chimera or Sand Worm! 
We have scorpion mounts in Pirate101, but we do not have them in Wizard101. I think it would be awesome if Kingsisle added scorpion mounts to Wizard101. A few new spells I'd choose to be a school-themed mount for Balance Wizards would be a Chimera or Sand Worm Mount. Both are amazing spells and I'm pretty sure many balance wizards would be feared if they had mounts like that.

Storm: Leviathan, Storm Owl, Glowbug
These three spells are all amazing spells. Leviathan was one of the spells that I listed about seven years ago. I think it would be amazing if Kingsisle was able to add this mount to the Crowns Shop or to a Bundle. I'd also think it would be amazing to see Storm Owl & Glowbug mounts because why not? The spells are amazing and the mounts would be even more amazing!

Myth: Orthrus, Basilisk, Earthquake Mount
Years ago, I listed a Blood Bat for a perfect myth school mount. Yeah, I take that back! I'd say an Orthrus & Basilisk Mount would be amazing mounts to have. One new one I'm sure others may have thought of is an earthquake-type of mount. For this, I was thinking that the myth wizard could somehow float over wherever he or she is going and everywhere they go, the ground splits open. 

Death: Dr. Von's Monster, Avenging Fossil, Khrulhu
Death has a ton of amazing spells. I think the three out of many amazing spells would make amazing mounts. Dr. Von's Monster would be amazing if he could carry you like the Gobbler mount carries wizards. Avenging Fossil & Khrulhu are both equally amazing. My death wizards would be very happy death wizards if they released mounts like this in a pack and/or bundle.

Fire: Firecat, Fire Dragon, Sun Serpent, Fire From Above, Raging Bull
Okay, I can't even describe all of these spells as mounts like I did with my previous choices for spells. I mean imagine what these would like and you'll get the idea. Fire is full of school-themed mounts. All of these would be amazing! Out of all of them, my top two would be Fire Dragon and Raging Bull. Those would be epic! 

Life: Spinysaur, Hungry Caterpillar
Life doesn't have as many school-themed mounts as fire does, but at least there are two spells that would be perfect as mounts. I'd say it would be awesome to have another dinosaur mount in the game. Spinysaur seems more likely as a life school mount. So if they ever add it, yay, I was right!

Ice: Woolly Mammoth, Climaclysm
I know there are other ice spells that may be converted into a mount, but the woolly mammoth needs to be added to the game. Out of all of the spells I've listed above, I am mostly looking forward to the day that Kingsisle adds the Ice School Woolly Mammoth mount to the game! Please, Kingsisle! There are a lot of ice wizards out there that want to see this mount added to the game. Maybe this Christmas.... in July? Okay, I'm kidding. But I'm sure they'll add this mount one of these days. :D 

The spells above would be my choice for school-themed mounts. I don't know how Kingsisle would add them, but however they do, it's going to be amazing. Did you know that some of the spells I mentioned seven years ago as mounts in the game? I look forward to seeing what Kingsisle has planned for us. I'll see you in seven years! Who knows what type of mounts we'll have in the game at that time. Maybe flying mounts (in the sky)? ;) ;) Who knows! Anyway, I should get going! If you would like to read my mount ideas for seven years ago, click on the link below:

Until next time, I'll see you (Read Top Line in Image Above)

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