July 12, 2018

What Was Wizard101 Like Back In The Olden Days? (Castles)

Hello Wizards!

Welcome to another installment of "What Was Wizard101.." yeah you get it! On this post, I wanted to discuss something that we all love in Wizard101... our Castles! Castles these days are used for decorating and dueling parties. However, we didn't always have a dueling circles & many other awesome things in our homes. Today I'm going to talk about what castles/homes were like before the start of this decade.

I remember buying my first castle, the Wooded Cottage. I had to farm Kraken quite a bit in order to get gold for both the castle and the decorations used in the castle. At the time, I thought I was one of the best wizards in the game because I had a castle! I remember inviting the friends that I had over to see my castle/decorations. I also got to see the homes of my friends. My friends were a higher level than I was, so were able to buy houses that were also sold for gold from the other worlds.

Wizard City
Wooded Cottage - 8,000 Gold

Royal Playhouse - 15,000 Gold

Oasis Camp - 10,000 Gold

Desert Villa - 20,000 Gold

Metropolitan Manor - 12,000 Gold

Royal Estate - 30,000 Gold

Tranquil Cottage - 15,000 Gold

Imperial Palace - 40,000 Gold

Grand Citadel - 20,000 Gold

Grand Fortress - 50,000 Gold
As I said earlier in the post, we were unable to duel each other, but it was still a lot of fun to hang out with friends and talk about how awesome it would be if we had mounts. Okay, we didn't do that, but it still would have been amazing to have them! Wait, that has nothing to do with housing.. or maybe it does? I guess we'll just have to wait for another post for that! What a time this was before we had Bundles, Gauntlets, Customizable Items, Roaming Mounts, etc. etc. Kingsisle has certainly did a great job improving the game. Anyway, I should get going! Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time I'll see you around the spiral.

 Do you remember your first house? If so, which house was it? Comment Below! 
Stay tuned for a somewhat part two of this post. Hmm, I wonder what the topic of this next post will be?

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Unknown said...

I remember my first house not including the dorm room. It was the winter wind tower from the majestic bundle. I loved it. I worked so hard on making it perfect with themed rooms like a game room, classroom, my room with all crafting tables, and a "marble" room with statues. I even made a wall of weapons that showcased every weapon I had collected since I started playing the game. I have still have the house, but have moved some of the decor to other houses. But that will always be my first house and I'll be proud of how I decorated it.