August 19, 2018

Microphone Setting: Improved!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful week. Over the past few days, I've been trying to fix my headset. It didn't sound like I wanted it sound, so I've worked on it for many hours - some of which I'd use to blog. I am proud to announce that I finally fixed an issue that I had and it sounds a lot better. Now the only thing I need to do is set the volume. Feel free to watch the video below to hear my new microphone setting!

August 17, 2018

Animal Cove: Why You Should Give It A Chance!

Hi there!

Kingsisle has recently released a new mobile game, Animal Cove, globally on both apple and android devices! Animal Cove has so far averaged out 4.5/5 stars on Google Play and 4.8/5 stars on the App Store. Today, I thought I'd make a new blog post about why you should try out this new game. Before I share these reasons with y'all, let's talk a little bit about the game.

Animal Cove: Match 3 is a mobile game about a human (you) that gets trapped on a mysterious island with talking animals, a helpful new friend, and a billionaire! You have to help build a habitable island by restoring areas for all of your new talking animal friends. You're the only human that can talk to these animals, so you have to clean up the island, build a new home for you, and build homes for your new animal friends. In order to progress in the story, you have to earn keys. These keys can be earned by solving the puzzles, in which there are currently 300 puzzles/levels. This is a brief summary of the game. Here are three current things that I love about this new game:

The Storyline - My Review: 5/5
You start the game off by restoring a home for yourself and then building new homes for your talking animal friends. As you progress the game, you'll become interested in where the story is going. This is a match-3 game, but there is much more to Animal Cove than the puzzles itself. The storyline becomes very interesting and many times, hilarious!  I definitely give Kingsisle an A+ on the storyline. It's nice to see that this game team always sticks to their storytelling roots. I haven't been through the entire game, but I'm sure it gets even better as you restore the different areas throughout the game.

The Graphics - My Review: 5/5

I am not a major mobile game fan myself mostly because of the graphics of them. Kingsisle did a fantastic job on the graphics of this game. Starting off the game you get a cut-scene (which KI is known for in their computer games). This cut-scene surprised me because I felt as if I was watching a trailer for a new cartoon/movie. Their cutscenes are amazing, but so is the gameplay graphics from the puzzles to the idles of your friends. I apologize to other mobile game makers, but I am so happy that I can actually see the characters when they're walking around! Thank you for creating such amazing graphics... I may have to share more posts about my progress and new updates as I continue questing through this game.

Free To Play - My Review: 5/5
You can download Animal Cove for free on your Android and Apple devices. I'd say that this is definitely one thing that I love about the game and game team. Since the beginning, they've allowed players to try out their product for free with an option to buy items. You can complete the puzzles throughout the game. You don't have to buy anything, but if you would like to support Kingsisle to continue updating this mobile game - you have the option to buy coins, bundles, and a VIP membership.



Now I think I'm going to leave you to try out this new game. There is still so much more that I haven't even mentioned, but I left that out so you can check it out. If you do try it out, feel free to add me in-game by typing in "EdwardLifegem". Adding friends in-game will give you an option to send and receive lives (which you will need if you mess up on a puzzle). That's all I'm going to say about the game for now. Until next time, I'll see you around the... mysterious island! 

August 15, 2018

Animal Cove Launched Globally!

Hi there!

I am proud to announce that Kingsisle has officially released one of their amazing new mobile games, Animal Cove, worldwide. You have your choice of downloading this awesome mobile game on the App Store or Google Play. I recently tried it out and I plan on making another post about my experience so far. For now, here are a few links where you can download this new app:


Google Play

Kingsisle did a great job on the graphics & storyline. If you try it out, don't forget to leave it a nice review! I'll definitely recommend this game to everyone that I know. I hope you do the same. Now I'll leave you to try out this new game. Until next time, I'll see you around the mysterious island. :D

I'm Busy Saving The Spiral!

Hello Wizards!

How have you been lately? I apologize for not updating my blog as much as I should! I've actually been busy preparing for a lot of community stuff such as Twitch, events, and even updating a few pages here on my website. It's been a very busy week, but that's fine! The next few months are still going to be amazing. :D

Keep your eye out for new event announcements (including Twitch Streaming in which we'll announce our streaming schedule soon). These next few months are going to be amazing! Well, I should get going. I have some plans to take over the... I mean... help the Spiral with its troubles! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral (forget Grandmother Raven, I'm going to destroy it). 

~ Evil Edward

Pirate101: Witchdoctor Sidequesting!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a wonderful week so far! This week has been amazing for two reasons: I've been planning events & I've got to quest in Pirate101. Lately, I've been questing with Autumn's witchdoctor to try to complete Valencia Part 2. We still have to do the last quest, but for now, we're catching up on our side quests!

Autumn & I quest our musketeers through the end of Valencia Part 2 a few months ago. We noticed at the time that there are a few side quests in VP2 that give quite a bit of experience points. Picking up your side quests and actually doing them really do help out in the long run. We received our final quest in VP2 at around level 67-68. Keep in mind that the level cap is now level 70, so we were behind a few levels. 

These side quests eventually help level me up to level 69 and Autumn up to level 70! Now, we had to travel to other worlds to complete these quests, but it was really easy experience points. So I'll stress it again to those who didn't watch our a stream a few months ago: Complete Your Sidequests! :D I should get going because we have to prepare to fight Kane! I'll let you know how that goes. Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways. :D 

August 10, 2018

The Rarest Treasure Cards In The Game!

Hello Wizards!

Treasure cards have always been an amazing feature in Wizard101. It's always nice to have stronger spells if you're a lower level wizard. I'm sure treasure cards have been a lifesaver for all of us. Today, I wanted to talk about one of these lifesaver treasure cards, otherwise known as Rebirth!

Life wizards are pretty awesome for having such an awesome healing card. Today we have a Rebirth Treasure Card that can be dropped from various bosses across the spiral, dropped in packs, that can be crafted, and bought for gold for around 1,500 gold. Now, you're probably wondering why you're reading a post about a card that you can get. Before I tell you about rare treasure cards, let's talk a little bit about the olden days!

From the launch of Wizard101 up until May of 2010, treasure cards could be made by using the card "Keen Eyes" and other enchantments. This card enabled all schools to make their own form of treasure cards and trade them with other schools. This meant that if you were a life wizard, you could trade a Keen Eye Rebirth Card with the Fire School! I can confirm right now that the top rarest treasure cards in the game are indeed the cards that could be traded by other schools using the different enchantments that we had at the time.

I remember an old friend back in May of 2010 trading me this card before Kingsisle removed this option. While Rebirth may be the rarest treasure card I have, there are different treasure cards of all schools (level 48 and below) that were made before Kingsisle removed this unintended feature. I am lucky to say that even the toughest battles didn't make me use this treasure card. I had no idea it would be this rare at the time, but I'll always remember to never use this card. Maybe one day in the future, I'll trade it to a friend dear to me. For now, I'll keep it as a memory.  Thank you all for reading this post. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. 

May 2010: Final Word On Enchanted Treasure Cards

Do you have any of these rare treasure cards? Comment down below and let everyone know!

August 9, 2018

Double Pet Experience + Crowns Sale!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday! Kingsisle has announced two special events. The first event is the Member Benefit, Double Pet Experience. If you have bought a Wizard101 membership, that means you can earn double the pet experience from Pet Pavilion games than you normally would! This member benefit will last through the weekend.

If you read my post from a few days ago, you'll know that I am currently leveling my Raging Bull pet. So far he's been lucky! As of now, he's received all of the talents that I've wanted (Unicorn, Energizing Battery, Block, and Critical). I started leveling him from Epic to Mega a few days ago. Lucky for me, Kingsisle announced the Double XP Member Benefit today! I'm happy because he'll make it to Mega by tomorrow. Here's hoping I get an amazing talent! I'll let everyone know on Twitter if I get an awesome talent. My current hope is to get spell-proof! We shall see. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy this amazing member benefit.

I also want to talk about another special event that Kingsisle currently has going on. If you're like me and you need to buy Mega Snacks to level your pet because you're not a gardener, you should buy crowns while they have this special sale. You can earn up to 50% more crowns. If you were to spend $80, you would end up getting 90,000 crowns instead of the original 60,000. That's awesome in the long-run! Okay, I'm done telling you about the amazing things going on through this weekend. I'll leave you to level your pets. Best of luck with your pet talents!

Crowns Sale - Through Monday, August 13th

Cat Run 2018: Recap

Hello Wizards!

Did you know that yesterday was International Cat Day? Well, Autumn & I decided to have an event in-game just for Cat Day. As many of you already know, we have Run Events. We decided to invite everyone in the community & have a Cat Run around the commons!

I announced this event around mid-afternoon! A few amazing people showed up and we talked a bit about the event. Eventually, the crowd grew from a few to dozens! It was awesome to see everyone again. I'll be honest, I missed a lot of you after the Holiday Mashup. It's always nice talking to everyone in-game or during our streams. But I'll admit I need to pay closer attention to chat once we start streaming. I'm such a blogger/typist! Anyway, let's recap what we did at this last-minute event.

The Cat Run - Around The Commons

We got all of our cat mounts, ears, and pets and lined up on the Rainbow Bridge. When we first started hosting events, we would only run around the commons. So I thought, why not run around the commons like we first did when we started the events? It was a lot of fun to see all of the cats running around in the circle around the pond! The game was laggy with all of the mounts, but the run itself was still a lot of fun. Plus it felt nostalgic to come back to our roots! 

Raid Wizard City - Meow, Meow, Meow!

Yes, we met in the middle of the pond after the run around it. Cats don't like water, but maybe our cats in Wizard101 do? Yeah, I don't think they do. Just look at the one at the top of the photo above. He's jumping over the other cats to get out. :P Anyway, we met in the middle of the pond to decide the areas we would raid. We raided The Commons (the scarecrow realm aka the roleplay realm), the pet pavilion, kraken, and the arena! It was a lot of fun. We mostly got positive feedback from our meow raid. Instead of Christmas Caroling, like we did at the Holiday Mashup, we just went up to random wizards and meowed. I mean, how random is that?! :P 

The Afterparty / Twitch Stream

After our wizard city raid, Autumn used one of her wizards to teleport everyone to her Darkmoor Manor. I didn't get to take a picture of it, but I drank a few potions... It actually turned my poor life wizard into a Gobbler (well after I bought a gobbler transformation from the crowns shop for 500 gold)! The afterparty was fun but I had to leave because I was hungry. If you haven't watched our streams before, you should know that once we are near the 2-hour mark of streaming, I suddenly get hungry. Yeah, you may hear that a few times in the stream if we stream around two hours. So speaking of around two hours... we did stream this event yesterday! If you'd like to watch part of our stream, you can view the video below. Thank you so much for showing up to this event. We love this community and we'll always have events like this for all of you. I can't wait to see you at the next event. Until then, I'll see you around the spiral. 

Watch Wizard101 Cat Run - The Commons, Falmea Realm from EdwardLifegem on

August 8, 2018

Twitch Announcement: Weekly Streaming Coming Soon!

Hi there!

I'd like to officially announce that Autumn Dreamwalker and I will soon officially do weekly streaming! We'll still be having our event streams, but we're also going to have a few days out of each week where we stream for Y'all. :D I'm not going to officially announce the days/times until a later date, so you'll have to check our blogs for an official announcement. For now, let's talk about a few things that will change. Now for a random screenshot to make this post look amazing:

Twitch is a new journey that we took for events for the Halloween Run last year. The streams help with the avoidance of any confusion that the events previously had. As of recently, Autumn & I have been talking about weekly streaming. This means we'll be questing and maybe have a few parties to interact with you more than we previously have. It's still a work in progress but we've officially added Subscriptions & Bits to the channel.

Subscriptions & Bits: We've added these as options to our Twitch. I'm working hard to figure out the exact details of the Subscriptions if anyone does subscribe to our channel in the future. I'd like all of you to know now that we're not going to ask anyone to subscribe to the channel. It's an option to subscribe or not to subscribe. We'll leave it at that. :) Our main goal is to bring this community together. If you want to subscribe, please do not subscribe to this channel until we officially announce our schedule. You'll hear more about his announcement on our blogs, this website and Secrets of the Spiral

So what will we be streaming? I will let you know that we will be streaming both Wizard101 and Pirate101. We haven't figured out the exact details, but we will be focusing on both games. This is going to be an amazing adventure! I hope you're able to join us on it. Keep an eye out for more information.. We'll provide all of that as soon as we can. For now, I want to thank you all for your support! I will continue blogging, having events, and everything else. Here's to a very bright future! By the way... if you would like to check out our first unofficial first Affiliate Stream, click play on the video below. :) You can also check out our Twitch Account by clicking on the link below! Remember to keep an eye out for more information about our schedule! Until then, I'll see you around the spiral. 

Watch Streaming With Autumn - Plus An Unannounced Announcement! from EdwardLifegem on

August 6, 2018

Side Questing with Suri Skullshard!

Hello Wizards!

I'll start off by saying that this is not a repeat Pirate101 post! I've actually been very busy side questing. :D Lately, I've noticed that I've been behind on a lot of side quests. I always collect any quest I see but haven't taken out time to actually work on these side quests. Over the past week, I've decided to catch up various side quests on my death wizard, Suri Skullshard.

On my last blog post regarding this wizard, I started questing through the Districts of the Stars in Celestia. I completed a few quests in the Districts of the Stars and skipped quite a few side quests. As I've already mentioned, I decided to go back to complete side quests these side quests throughout different areas. Although Suri is currently questing in Celestia, I decided to go back to Grizzleheim and start working on completing quests that I've missed there. 

The experience points in Grizzleheim are generally low if you're a higher level, but I was still able to level myself up more than halfway by completing quests from Mirkholm Keep to the beginning of Ravenscar. While questing through these areas, I kept imagining what the new graphics would look like. Now, I can't predict the future, but I have a feeling they'll update the graphics in this world. We'll see! Anyway, it was a lot of fun questing through part of this world again. I hope to complete it by this weekend and eventually start Wintertusk.

A few other side quests that I've worked on have been a few that I missed in Celestia. The storyline in Celestia distracts me, so I always want to complete the main quests first. I believe I've done this with my other wizards that quest through this world as well. So I've decided that I'm going to complete these side quests as I go. Once I'm done with one area, I'm going to go back to the previous area to complete any missed side quests. I think that'll help me out a lot, especially get my level 58 spell (Skeletal Dragon) quicker! I mean, how awesome is that spell? I guess I should get going so I can finish up a few more quests. Thank you all for reading! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

August 5, 2018

Side Questing with Edward Cringle!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Yesterday, I was able to quest a bit in Pirate101. This time, I decided to quest one of my pirates, Edward Cringle. Some of you may know him if you have read my Swashbuckler walkthrough posts.

I created my Swashbuckler Pirate, Edward Cringle, in December of 2012. I started questing him through all of the different worlds of Pirate101 and made a post about each quest starting when he reached level 5. I recently took a break from questing him, but I am proud to announce that I am back and I'll be questing him a lot more! Before I talk about what I did recently, I invite you to read the posts that I've done on this character so far. If you'd like to catch up on my previous Edward Cringle posts, feel free to click on the link below:

Edward Cringle Questing Posts

Yesterday, I logged into my Swashbuckler for the first time in months! I was planning on continuing my main quest until I noticed the 18 pages of side quests that I had. It's amazing how many side quests Pirate101 has. What's also amazing is how much side quests can level you up. I decided to put a small dent into my side quests by sinking Inoshishi Ships in the Khoton Skyway in Mooshu. I had two quests that would give me about 800 experience points combined. So I decided to start sinking as many ships that I could. One quest required me to sink 4 Inoshishi ships and the other given quest wanted me to sink 12 of these ships. It was relatively easy! A few times I did purposely enter deck battle so I could take screenshots for future posts (such as announcements), but I had no trouble sinking these ships alone. Eventually, I completed the two quests and leveled up!

I've mentioned this in previous posts but I'll mention it again. Side questing really does help in the long run! My pirate will enter Marleybone soon and I want to be at the highest level that I can before I start questing there. Having additional attacks/powers will help me survive in these different worlds. Along with side questing, nautical leveling is also a good thing to do. You'll want to buy the best ships and ship equipment as you go. I usually wait until my ship can no longer keep afloat so I'm able to save up as much as gold as possible for gear and eventually a new ship/equipment. Anyway, questing this pirate was a lot of fun. I'll probably work through a few more of these side quests before I start making main posts again. I'll let you know when Edward Cringle is officially back! Until then, I'll see you around the skyways. :D 

Mooshu is such a beautiful world. We're nearing the end, but at least I'll be ready for Marleybone!

August 3, 2018

Questing My Witchdoctor Again / Randomness!

Ahoy Pirates!

Wow, it's been forever since I've made a post that had nothing to do with the other amazing game that I shall not name. Recently, I started questing my witchdoctor with Autumn Walker's witchdoctor. It's actually been a few years (which is crazy when you think about it) that I've last quest this pirate. I thought it was about time to quest him again especially since witchdoctors are my favorite!

Autumn and I started questing again towards the middle of Valencia 2. For our first quest together, we had to fight Cyclops and a few.. bleh... snakes! I think what made fighting snakes fun was that you can attack them from far away if you're a witchdoctor. Most other pirate schools require you to run right up to the deadly snacks (yes, I purposely did that - it's a Suite Life on Deck). Just naming off all of the amazing things about witchdoctors!

Okay, I'm being very random today and not talking much about what we did on the game, but at least we made it to level 67 - 3 levels away from level cap! Why did I ever stop questing this pirate or any of my other pirates? I think it's time to bring back my old-school Pirate101 posts, whether they're random like this or not. For now, I think I'm going to end this post so you can enjoy the rest of the song above. I'll make an update post once we finish Valencia 2. Until then, I'll see you around the skyways. Thank you so much for reading!

I mean, look at that! Definitely my favorite game for screenshots!

Leveling My Pets (Edward Firegem)

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having an amazing Friday! My day has been amazing because I've got to relax and play one of my favorite games, Wizard101. Today, I mostly focused on leveling my pets. My main goal is to have new pets for all of my wizards that I plan on questing through Empyrea Part Two. I started leveling my fire wizard's raging bull pet today since he'll be the first wizard to start questing in EP2.

As you can tell from the video playing above, I'm not really good at the pet games in the Pet Pavilion. My poor pet! Now, even though I sent him flying through the air, above the target and nearly through a building - he still gave me the talents that I've been looking for! I actually used the Pet Kiosk and hatched with another Raging Bull pet to try it out for a blog post. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the blog post at the time, but at least I have a perfect pet (so far). I've always wanted a pet that casts unicorn, and my first talent at teen was "May Cast Unicorn" which was amazing to see! As you can see below, I also got "Energizing Battery" and "Defender". These will be very useful to me in EP2. It may not be the perfect pet to many, but it certainly is perfect for me. :D

Today I leveled my pet all the way to ancient with various snacks. These snacks were not from the Mega Snack Pack or Gardening, so it took a while to level it up. I will say that I think it's time I finally get into gardening. I remember when Kingsisle released it, but I never got into it. This year, I want to try new things out in Wizard101. Gardening for Mega Snack Packs is one of those things! Don't tell anyone, but I've probably deleted at least 100 seeds that are known to drop mega snacks. :P Okay, now I'm going to stop typing and get back to leveling my pet. I think I'm going to level Shaggy Marley up with Grub Guardian. Thanks all for reading and wish me the best of luck on my other talents. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

I love this pet! Now, I'll need to take a picture here again when they update the DS graphics. ;)

August 2, 2018

Online Safety Post: 2018

Hello Wizards!

It's been about a year since I've last made an online safety post so I thought that it's about time that I make another one of these posts. Staying safe online is very important when you're playing Wizard101, interacting on social media, or visiting websites. So let's talk about the various ways you can stay safe online!

Staying Safe Online: Kingsisle Games
Wizard101 and Pirate101 are family-friendly games, but you will still come across people who have an alternative motive. There are people who may say they're going to give you gifts (such as crowns or memberships) in return of your password. Others may ask you for your personal information because they say that they're your friends. The best thing to do if you're facing this situation is to use the Ignore option in-game. If it comes to harassment, you can use the report option.

The Wizard101 Ignore Option

The Pirate101 Ignore Option

Did you know that Kingsisle employees are also impersonated in-game? Someone in-game may say that they or a relative of theirs work at KI when that's not factual. Most of the reasons people say that is to get personal information from you. If someone says that they're a KI employee in-game, ask them for their badge. If they don't show you their badge, report that player. You should see a badge called "Kingsisle Support" under their name if they indeed work for the games.

Staying Safe Online: Social Media
My advice for staying safe on social media really relates to the games. You should remember to never give away personal information to anyone no matter what. There are ways to ignore and report people on social media. Check out the images below to see how to ignore/report on social media. Remember to report only when it's required such as someone pretending to be a Kingsisle employee, harassment, etc - depending on the rules of the site you're reporting the person from. Scroll over the Hyperlinks below to access guides on how to report someone on each social media network listed:

Speaking of social media, Kingsisle does have official social media accounts, including email. If someone emails you from a random email or message from someone asking you for your password to your account - they do not work at Kingsisle. Ignore any emails/messages like that! Kingsisle has an official list of emails that you can contact them by. They will never ask you for your password:

Wizard101 Social Media

Pirate101 Social Media

Kingsisle Social Media

Staying Safe Online: Websites
There are many different types of KI-game related sites out there. It's best to keep a close eye out there for scammers. They can also ask for personal information in return for "gifts". If they do, it's best to avoid or even report the site to Kingsisle. If they're asking for your personal information, you should not pay any attention to them. There are fansites out there that you can get stuff from when they have contests, in which the codes are provided by Kingsisle. If you would like to see a list of trustworthy websites, you can click on the hyperlinks below to access the Wizard101 and Pirate101 fansites. 

Official Pirate101 Fansites

There have been times in the past where people have made websites that looked like official websites from Kingsisle, but they were not. As I've stated above, report any website that's not official Kingsisle websites to Kingsisle. There are several official Kingsisle websites. Most of these websites are linked from their main websites. If you would like to access these websites, scroll over and click on the images below:

Wizard101 Website

Pirate101 Website

Keep in mind that there are different versions of Wizard101 based on language/area. For example, Wizard101 UK is a different version of Wizard101 based in the United Kingdom from Gameforge. For a full list of these websites, you can view the image below. You can also click on the image to access this list at the bottom of the Fansites list! 

Online Safety Tips: The Main Message
I have already shared so much with you, but there's actually a lot more than you should know. The main message I'd like you to get out of this post is to NEVER give away any personal information with anyone. Whether it's where you live, your password, or billing information. It's called personal information for a reason. Please keep it personal and continue to stay safe online. Although this is mostly focused around Wizard101 and Pirate101, it really goes beyond the games. This is an internet safety post. Please continue to stay safe online! If you would like more online safety tips beyond this post (including links that provide nice online safety tips), please click on the link below! Thank you so much for reading! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

Online Safety Page

Do you have any online safety tips you'd like to share with the community? Comment them below!

August 1, 2018

Sixth Pirateversary!

Ahoy Pirates!

Happy Arrrgust! I hope you're having a wonderful first day of Arrrgust. Today is a very special day for me because it's officially been six years since I joined Pirate101. P101 opened around October of 2012, but I was lucky enough to be invited to be apart of the last few days of P101 Alpha! I created a Privateer during the last days of Alpha. A few days later, I officially joined Beta and created a Buccaneer.

I have so many amazing memories from trying out P101 for the first time. I was placed under an NDA so I couldn't share anything about the game until a certain day. But this made time for hundreds of different screenshots. I had a chance to take a few amazing screenshots during my gameplay during Beta and compile it into a slideshow for a video spoiler for those who couldn't access Beta. Codes were given away by Official Fansites, but many thousands were wanting to try it out. Around Mid-August, Kingsisle allowed us to share spoilers of the game. 

Pirate101 was officially released to the public on October 15th, 2012. I created a witchdoctor this time around! Witchdoctor then became my favorite school because it reminds me of wizards, but way more awesome! I definitely recommend to the wizards reading this post to create a witchdoctor first. You'll feel more at home, but you'll notice an amazing difference. Kingsisle did an amazing job on this school and all other schools. I've enjoyed my time as a pirate and I look forward to more time as one! Thank you, Kingsisle, for creating an amazing game with a whole lot of potential. Thank you for allowing me to try out your games, KI. If you ever want me to try anything else, reach out to me. ;)

Read My Pirate101 Beta Party Post

You didn't think I'd forget Edward Cringle, did you? Look for new EC posts soon! :D