August 20, 2018

Around The Spiral: Official Wizard101 Fansite

Hello Wizards!

I am proud to announce that Around The Spiral with Edward Lifegem is now an Official Wizard101 Fansite. This means that you can find this website is both supported by Kingsisle and is now listed on the official Wizard101 Fansite List! So what exactly does this website provide to this wonderful community?

I'll continue hosting Holiday-themed events for this wonderful community. Many of you already know about our events, but if you do not, please feel free to click on the link above to read more about Holiday-themed events that I host with amazing people for this community. These events are meant to bring the community closer together and we'll continue having these for years to come! 

One main goal of mine is to spread the word about staying safe online. Being safe online should be very important to everyone. The link above provides online safety tips that you should follow whether you're playing Wizard101, another game, or even interacting on social media. It's always good to remember not to give away your personal information to anyone. No matter what. So, I'll also be here to remind you of how to stay safe online. 

What exactly are regular posts? Well, nothing is really regular when you think about it. I'd say my regular posts consists of a little bit of everything: questing, news, contests, advice, etc. I love making new blog posts so I hope you stop back by to read all of my randomness that I have to share with y'all! You can always find my Wizard101 Posts on the link above. This is a W101 and P101 Blog, but the link above will lead you to W101 only posts!

I look forward to helping y'all out as much as I can. I've stated this before and I'll state it again. My main goal is to bring this community together. However I can do that, I will! I hope you enjoy this website and what it has to offer. Take a look around. I hope you enjoy this blog. By the way.. If you would like to know more about me, feel free to visit the About Me page! You can click on the link below to access that page. :)

About Me 

Thank you all so much for your support over the years. Here's to many more!

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