August 31, 2018

Kingsisle Live Recap

Hi there!

Our awesome Community Manager, Mathew Anderson, and awesome senior producer, Leah, had another Kingsisle Live yesterday. This episode was definitely one of my top favorites for many reasons. One reason was that we could celebrate with Kingsisle because this episode hit over 3,400 live viewers! That's a crazy amount of Twitch viewers, so congratulations to Kingsisle!

One thing that was mentioned at the beginning of the show was the celebrations that would be taking place throughout the month of September. Mathew mentioned a calendar on the show (which was made by the one & only Sheldon from Adventures of the Spiral - thank you, Sheldon). Keep an eye out for the Official Fansite Events that will last through September. The first event to take place is the Spiral Radio event which takes place this Sunday! See more information about their event below:

Sunday, September 2nd
1:00 pm Central / 2:00 pm Eastern
Nightside, Vampire Realm

This episode of Kingsisle Live also featured various guests to talk about their new mobile game, Animal Cove, Wizard101, and Pirate101. These awesome Kingsisle employees were great to see and hear from, but the main guest that everyone was most excited to see was Miss Piggle! It was hilarious to see Mathew bring her into camera view. I couldn't stop laughing for a full 20 minutes. This goes to show that he's definitely in the right position because we know what makes Kingsisle Live amazing is all of the randomnessess. :D

One other thing I got to see that I haven't seen since the early 10s was the many areas at the Kingsisle Live event. At one point there were 21 different areas! That last time I've seen something like this at any in-game event was the Diary of a Wizard events back in 2010-2012. However, I believe this was the largest party to take place in the game. Congratulations to Kingsisle Live on such a successful stream & party... Now, I'm not about sharing those spoilers on my blog.. but they also shared a hint of a new character from Empyrea Part 2. They announced that this next area will be about Female Power! I'm looking forward to seeing what they have planned. If you would like to see this teaser, feel free to click on the link below:

While there was so much more in this nearly 3-hour show that I haven't even shared, I will say that this is going to be an amazing memory. I've never seen so many 9 & 10 year wizards in-game. It was nice taking pictures with them & seeing all of the wizards, no matter when they joined, share their love for this amazing game. This month's Kingsisle Live was definitely an amazing show and I look forward to all of the episodes in the future. If you missed it, they'll be uploading the show to YouTube around next Tuesday. Here's to ten more years of this show & game. Thank you for such a great game, Kingsisle. You have truly changed the lives of millions of people. Now, onward to #20!

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