August 3, 2018

Leveling My Pets (Edward Firegem)

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having an amazing Friday! My day has been amazing because I've got to relax and play one of my favorite games, Wizard101. Today, I mostly focused on leveling my pets. My main goal is to have new pets for all of my wizards that I plan on questing through Empyrea Part Two. I started leveling my fire wizard's raging bull pet today since he'll be the first wizard to start questing in EP2.

As you can tell from the video playing above, I'm not really good at the pet games in the Pet Pavilion. My poor pet! Now, even though I sent him flying through the air, above the target and nearly through a building - he still gave me the talents that I've been looking for! I actually used the Pet Kiosk and hatched with another Raging Bull pet to try it out for a blog post. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the blog post at the time, but at least I have a perfect pet (so far). I've always wanted a pet that casts unicorn, and my first talent at teen was "May Cast Unicorn" which was amazing to see! As you can see below, I also got "Energizing Battery" and "Defender". These will be very useful to me in EP2. It may not be the perfect pet to many, but it certainly is perfect for me. :D

Today I leveled my pet all the way to ancient with various snacks. These snacks were not from the Mega Snack Pack or Gardening, so it took a while to level it up. I will say that I think it's time I finally get into gardening. I remember when Kingsisle released it, but I never got into it. This year, I want to try new things out in Wizard101. Gardening for Mega Snack Packs is one of those things! Don't tell anyone, but I've probably deleted at least 100 seeds that are known to drop mega snacks. :P Okay, now I'm going to stop typing and get back to leveling my pet. I think I'm going to level Shaggy Marley up with Grub Guardian. Thanks all for reading and wish me the best of luck on my other talents. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

I love this pet! Now, I'll need to take a picture here again when they update the DS graphics. ;)

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