August 5, 2018

Side Questing with Edward Cringle!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Yesterday, I was able to quest a bit in Pirate101. This time, I decided to quest one of my pirates, Edward Cringle. Some of you may know him if you have read my Swashbuckler walkthrough posts.

I created my Swashbuckler Pirate, Edward Cringle, in December of 2012. I started questing him through all of the different worlds of Pirate101 and made a post about each quest starting when he reached level 5. I recently took a break from questing him, but I am proud to announce that I am back and I'll be questing him a lot more! Before I talk about what I did recently, I invite you to read the posts that I've done on this character so far. If you'd like to catch up on my previous Edward Cringle posts, feel free to click on the link below:

Edward Cringle Questing Posts

Yesterday, I logged into my Swashbuckler for the first time in months! I was planning on continuing my main quest until I noticed the 18 pages of side quests that I had. It's amazing how many side quests Pirate101 has. What's also amazing is how much side quests can level you up. I decided to put a small dent into my side quests by sinking Inoshishi Ships in the Khoton Skyway in Mooshu. I had two quests that would give me about 800 experience points combined. So I decided to start sinking as many ships that I could. One quest required me to sink 4 Inoshishi ships and the other given quest wanted me to sink 12 of these ships. It was relatively easy! A few times I did purposely enter deck battle so I could take screenshots for future posts (such as announcements), but I had no trouble sinking these ships alone. Eventually, I completed the two quests and leveled up!

I've mentioned this in previous posts but I'll mention it again. Side questing really does help in the long run! My pirate will enter Marleybone soon and I want to be at the highest level that I can before I start questing there. Having additional attacks/powers will help me survive in these different worlds. Along with side questing, nautical leveling is also a good thing to do. You'll want to buy the best ships and ship equipment as you go. I usually wait until my ship can no longer keep afloat so I'm able to save up as much as gold as possible for gear and eventually a new ship/equipment. Anyway, questing this pirate was a lot of fun. I'll probably work through a few more of these side quests before I start making main posts again. I'll let you know when Edward Cringle is officially back! Until then, I'll see you around the skyways. :D 

Mooshu is such a beautiful world. We're nearing the end, but at least I'll be ready for Marleybone!

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