August 10, 2018

The Rarest Treasure Cards In The Game!

Hello Wizards!

Treasure cards have always been an amazing feature in Wizard101. It's always nice to have stronger spells if you're a lower level wizard. I'm sure treasure cards have been a lifesaver for all of us. Today, I wanted to talk about one of these lifesaver treasure cards, otherwise known as Rebirth!

Life wizards are pretty awesome for having such an awesome healing card. Today we have a Rebirth Treasure Card that can be dropped from various bosses across the spiral, dropped in packs, that can be crafted, and bought for gold for around 1,500 gold. Now, you're probably wondering why you're reading a post about a card that you can get. Before I tell you about rare treasure cards, let's talk a little bit about the olden days!

From the launch of Wizard101 up until May of 2010, treasure cards could be made by using the card "Keen Eyes" and other enchantments. This card enabled all schools to make their own form of treasure cards and trade them with other schools. This meant that if you were a life wizard, you could trade a Keen Eye Rebirth Card with the Fire School! I can confirm right now that the top rarest treasure cards in the game are indeed the cards that could be traded by other schools using the different enchantments that we had at the time.

I remember an old friend back in May of 2010 trading me this card before Kingsisle removed this option. While Rebirth may be the rarest treasure card I have, there are different treasure cards of all schools (level 48 and below) that were made before Kingsisle removed this unintended feature. I am lucky to say that even the toughest battles didn't make me use this treasure card. I had no idea it would be this rare at the time, but I'll always remember to never use this card. Maybe one day in the future, I'll trade it to a friend dear to me. For now, I'll keep it as a memory.  Thank you all for reading this post. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. 

May 2010: Final Word On Enchanted Treasure Cards

Do you have any of these rare treasure cards? Comment down below and let everyone know!

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Unknown said...

So bad people don't use sun treasures cards anymore,
they should do something to make sun and moob magic a trend back again.
Also they should upgrade spells graphics like they upgraded wizardcity's graphics ;)