August 23, 2018

Why Steam Is A Great Idea!

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I wanted to make a new blog post on why I believe steam will help Wizard101 in a very positive way. The community has grown since Wizard101's release. Steam will allow the community to grow even more. Before we get too much into why steam is good for the game, let's talk the single most important that Wizard101 has accomplished over the past 10 years.

Kingsisle has added many features to the game since their release. As a spectator, as many others who are still playing the game, we've seen them add: mounts, crown shop gifting, advanced pets, bundles, gardening, gauntlets, fishing, daily assignments, earn crowns, 17 additional worlds, etc. I'm positive I've missed many features. While all of these features are amazing, their main accomplishment at this point is making it to 10 years! 

Wizard101 fans have helped play a major role in Wizard101's success. However, there are people who have claimed many times in the past 10 years that the game is dying and Wizard101 is a horrible game. The fact is that even they joined the game and kept playing because they loved it (and still love it). No matter the price, they continued playing the game. There have been people that have tried the game out and didn't like it. Those who stayed helped keep the game running for a decade! Now that we see that people did stay and Wizard101 has lasted a decade, let me give my opinion on why I think Steam is a great idea for Kingsisle. 

The Steam website has 300-400 million visits per month. There are tens of millions of people who want to try out new games. While not everyone will like Wizard101, the people who may have never discovered the game may like it a lot! That doesn't make the opinions of others who say it's a bad idea to add Wizard101 to Steam a bad idea. But when you look at it; it would be a great thing even if 50,000 out of 100,000 people who may try the game out like it. 

50,000 x 10 (one month membership) = $500,000
50,000 x 60 (yearly membership) = $3,000,000

So even if 50% of the people from steam like the game enough to buy it, the game would be more successful than it currently is! Additional funding would help provide new features, world updates, and more! Whether it gets bad reviews or not, people may look at the game and find it to be interesting. Even if the game had a 25% approval rating, any person out of that 25% willing to give the game a chance would still make the game more successful. Any new player joining the game will help Kingsisle as a game team. Therefore, Steam is a great idea! :)

Wizard101 On Steam

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