September 4, 2018

Quest With Us In Pirate101!

Ahoy Pirates!

I have some awesome news... Every Thursday, Autumn & I will be streaming Pirate101! We're planning on creating new pirates and questing them in the game. However, it won't be any normal questing stream. We want you to create a new pirate & join us on our questing adventures!

One amazing thing about these new Pirate101 Streams will be if you get behind and miss a stream, you'll have a week to catch up to us! We'll be questing our pirates together for each stream. We're still working out a few details, but our plans are to stream Pirate101 at least once a week. This means we'll be questing together every Thursday! Keep reading for more information.

You'll need to create a new pirate and quest him/her through the tutorial. After you create your pirate, wait until our first stream. As I've said above, we'll be doing a little bit of everything (NXP parties, questing, helping, etc.) If you've never played Pirate101 before and want to, feel free to click on the link above.

Join Us Every Thursday
We'll stream Pirate101 every Thursday at 6:00 pm Central. If you miss a stream and you're behind, you can catch up that week or if you're having trouble on a fight, we'll help you. Feel free to click on the link above to access our Twitch Channel.

Schedule & Catch Up Links: Below you'll find a schedule of our upcoming Pirate101 Questing Streams. You'll also find blog post links that show where we ended up each week of questing. Feel free to read these blog posts to see where we ended up so you're able to catch up with us. All links will be in order so you can use each post as a guide for catching up. If you don't see a blog post link, that means we'll be streaming for that week! We hope to see you there.

Week 1: Pirate Questing

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