September 12, 2018

Petnome Project's Decaversary Event Recap

Hello Wizards!

I apologize for the lack of posts over the past few days. I've been extremely busy preparing for events and have quite a bit going on in real life. Today, however, I'm finally back to make a new post about a Fansite event that I got to attend over the weekend.

Petnome Project, an official Wizard101 fansite, had a pet farming event over the weekend in-game. This event was part of one major event that the official Wizard101 fansites have put together for Wizard101's 10th Birthday. Petnome put together a ton of popular gauntlets for everyone to farm for pets and even gear. Not everyone has all of these gauntlets so it was nice that there we so many!

The house was very beautifully decorated with these gauntlets. I really liked that they had the moon & star wallpaper and flooring. I am always learning new things about this game and I had no idea that Wizard101 had star & moon wallpaper/flooring. It was amazing to see! This really set a nice tune for a decaversary celebration. Sadly I wasn't feeling so well that day and I had to leave early. But I'd still like to thank Petnome for putting on a great event! Keep up the great work on your awesome fansite. If you're reading this blog post and would like to view Petnome's website, feel free to click anywhere on the image below!

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