September 29, 2018

Pirate101 Questing: Where We Ended Up (Week 2)

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a great weekend. The past few days have been very busy. I'm not so busy anymore, so I thought I'd make a post about our questing stream a few days ago. As many of you already know, Autumn & I started questing with an amazing group of pirates every Thursday. Today I'd like to talk about where we ended up on our last questing stream and the next time we'll quest!

If you travel to the Blood Shoals in Pirate101, you'll find a cave called The Traitors Cave. In this cave, you'll find three main quests from Jack, Moe, and Lasko. This week we completed the quests from Jack & Moe. We also completed all accessible side quests using Quest Finder. This awesome new feature helps out a lot when you forget to pick up a side quest. It'll lead you right to the side quest you need to complete whether you picked it up or not.

The quests from Jack and Moe were a pretty tough portion of the game to get through. However, we didn't give up! These quests were a bit tough and we plan to have another stream to help everyone who was unable to complete these quests on Sunday, September 30th. Overall, I had a lot of fun questing with everyone! Anyway. Let's talk about where we ended up! 

"Sharks In The Water"
Level 8-9
Your Task
 Complete All Side Quests Using Quest Tracker

Pirate101 Questing Week 3 Recap

Thank you, Victoria, for this awesome photo! See y'all on Thursday!

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