September 12, 2018

Pirate101 Updates Go Live!

Ahoy Pirates!

You may have seen that the new Pirate101 Updates have now gone live. These updates include four new skeletal key boss fights, an Old Scratch promotion, quest finder, new elixirs, member benefits, additional pet names, and more. If you log into the Live Game, you can play through these new updates!

These new updates have recently made everyone wonder if we pirates may be getting a new level cap up to 75 (or possibly 80 since the Old Scratch we fight in the promotion quest is level 80). A few other pirates have also pointed out that Hawkules has a new weapon in a Test Realm teaser photo that Kingsisle shared while promoting these new updates. I am predicting now that they'll release a new world update sometime next year. My current thinking is that they plan on releasing a Celestia-type world!

We know that Wizard101's Celestia is underwater. Maybe we'll get a world that looks somewhat like the Floating Island? I am thinking it'll be somewhat like Pirate101's Marleybone. We didn't get to explore the area that wizards got to explore, so maybe we'll explore another area of the world? I think this post has way too many questions so I'll leave it at that last question. I might talk more about why I think it'll be Celestia another time. Until then, I'll see you around the skyways.

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