September 9, 2018

Quest With Us In Wizard101!

Hello Wizards!

Did you know that Autumn & I have began hosting weekly streams? Well, we've already announced in-stream that we plan on streaming questing adventures every Tuesday. If you're interested in creating a new wizard and joining us on these questing adventures, keep reading this post.

Create A New Wizard
You'll need to create a new wizard before we being our questing adventures together. Don't feel like you should be required to create a new wizard to watch our stream. If you do create a wizard, we'll be questing every Tuesday. We may farm for gold or other items as we continue our questing adventures together. We hope you're able to join us! 

Join Us Every Tuesday
We'll be streaming these new questing adventures every Tuesday at 6:00 pm Central on Twitch. We hope you can stop by the channel to join us whether you're able to quest with us or unable to. If you would like to watch, that's perfectly fine. We'll try to interact with everyone as much as we can. Our main goal is to bring the community together and we believe this will be a great thing for the community!

Previous/Upcoming Streams:  You'll see upcoming Twitch schedules below. Some of these schedules may include blog post links (for previous streams). If you click on them, they'll take you to a post to show where we ended up on that day. If you see a Twitch Link below the date/time, that means we haven't streamed for that day and you can still join us for questing! We hope to see you there!

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Kane said...

Tonight was awesome! I had a great time questing with everyone.