September 26, 2018

Wizard101 Questing: Where We Ended Up (Week 3)

Hello Wizards!

The past few weeks have been so much fun. As many of you already know, Autumn & I started a group questing (with more than 4 wizards) with a great group of friends from the community. We quest every Tuesday and so far we've quested 3 Tuesdays! Today, I'll be recapping what we did and where we ended up for our third week of questing adventures.

The last time we ended on the quest "A Giant Problem" which was the beginning quest of Cyclops Lane. We had to talk to Nolan Stormgate in Cyclops Lane to begin our questing. Cyclops Lane was relatively easy and fast. I really wasn't expecting us to finish Cyclops Lane during our first hour of streaming, but we did. What can I say? We have an amazing group of people who mean business! After we defeated the final boss, General Akilles, in Cyclops Lane, we went to talk to Headmaster Ambrose and accepted the quest to fight Foulgaze. 

Shortly after defeated Foulgaze, we accepted the quest for Colossus Boulevard. This area was a bit more confusing since we had a larger group and the quests required us to defeat a ton of gobblers & snowmen. By the time we made it to Colossus, we were nearly at 2 hours of streaming! We were all tired, silly, and random. All of those things make these streams amazing. :) Anyway, we completed all of Colossus Boulevard as well. Colossus is more of a major side quest, but we did it to get extra experience points. Our main goal is to be the highest level we can before we complete Wizard City. Speaking of that.. let's talk about what you need to do before our next stream!

Quest: "The Dark Of Nightshade"
Level: Levels 13-14
Your Task: Complete Main Quests Up To Quest Above
Complete Side Quests in All Areas In Wizard City Except Nightside & Crab Alley

Week 4 Questing Stream Recap

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