October 29, 2018

Halloween Run 2018: Recap

Hello Wizards!

I would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting our events whether you were able to attend or promoted it with us. It takes a lot of work to put these events together. I believe this year's Halloween Run took 36-48 actual hours to prepare for - right down to the single detail. So thank you all so much for supporting not only this event but all of our events. Anyway, let's talk about what we did for our 3rd Annual Halloween Run!

WhiteTiger93 made a recap video, so feel free to watch the Run itself above for the Run and the Afterparty houses. :) Thank you again WhiteTiger for recording these recap videos. It's always nice to have you at the event and I look forward to watching all of the videos you have planned through the end of the year. I hope all of you will join me in doing that. Here's more of what we did for this year's event:

Waiting For The Run

A few awesome people logged into the game early to chat about the event. It was difficult to keep so many secrets. We met up in the Haunted Cave near Nightshade's Tower. We planned so much in terms of giveaways, activities, and more! I had to keep so much a secret for months! We planned a lot of the Halloween Run stuff shortly after July's Holiday Mashup. I always look forward to the Halloween Run because we usually try new things out to make the events a lot more special. This year, we got to do just that with a new activity!

The Halloween Run Activities

We started out with farming, had an epic hide & seek contest, a skeletal pirate raid, & trick or treating! Each activity was so much fun to do with the community, especially the hide & seek and trick or treating. The Trick or Treating was a new activity we had planned months ago. For this activity, we asked Kingsisle for codes to giveaway to everyone who participated in this year's Halloween Run! This was our very first "Everyone Wins" type of event. So this was a very nice thank you to all of you for supporting our events. The activities were so much fun and we hope all of you enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed them. 

Our 3rd Annual Halloween Run
Kingsisle gave us a 1-Day old Bone Dragon Mount code to giveaway to everyone who was able to participate in this year's Halloween Run. This awesome mount (as seen above) was the main theme of this year's Halloween Run. It was nice to see all of these old mounts fly throughout Wizard City. This was definitely a memorable moment and I took plenty of screenshots of this portion of the event. This was seriously one of the smoothest run events we've ever had! I didn't even get caught. If someone did get caught, I asked them to yell "KHANNNNNNN!!!!" instead of "NO!". Why? Well because we're random like that! Anyway, I hope y'all enjoy this mount for this year's Halloween Run.

The Aferparties

Shortly after we were done with the Run event, we had everyone meet up in the Commons for the afterparties. Each host had their own unique afterparty activity. Sarah Skystrider hosted a maze event, Gabby hosted a dance-off, and Autumn had a new contest (Pumpkin Tic-tac-toe). There were contests at each house as well. I'd like to thank our awesome port wizards for helping get everyone to the afterparties. I'd also like to thank the hosts for their hard work making the afterparties a lot of fun for everyone! We hope you had fun at the afterparties!

A Major Thank You + Future Events

I want to thank all of you again for making this event the most memorable & fun event that we've ever hosted. We're thankful for each and every one of you and we'll continue working hard to make these events the most fun that they can for all of you. Your support for these events inspires us to do more and we will continue doing more to improve the events as we progress. Thank you to all of our awesome moderators, port wizards, and hosts for all of their hard work as well. Without them, there's no way the events would be as fun as they are. Thank you for making each event amazing. One last thank you I'd like to send out is to our awesome community manager, Mathew. Thank you for helping make this event so memorable! We appreciate your support & you also inspire us to continue having these events. We look forward to hosting many new events over the years. Speaking of events, we hope to see you at our upcoming Holiday events: The Turkey Run & Santa Run! Let's make the end of this year amazing. :D

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